Kawasaki Personal Watercraft Ignition Starting Systems

If your Kawasaki personal watercraft needs a rejuvenated starting system, then you may want to get a new engine ignition system. If it doesnt, you might want to keep a few spare parts around for your PWC. Kawasaki brand and third-party manufacturers offer a full set of OEM replacement parts for you to choose from.

What watercraft mount requires the Kawasaki brain box?

The so-called brain box is a specific type of electrical ignition system thats found on a number of personal watercraft that Kawasaki made. It features a corrosion-proof exterior that holds up well to water. Youll need one if you have any of the following Jet Ski models:

  • SX-R
  • 310X
  • Jet Ski 900
  • 900ZXI
  • CDI
What is an ignition kill switch?

As an important water safety feature, a kill switch allows you to stop your engine ignition system suddenly while riding a Jet Ski. Kawasaki includes this switch as a standard feature on all Jet Ski models. You can install an extra one if youd like when you change out the igniter on your PWC. If the igniter on your Jet Ski works but your kill switch doesnt, then you can find switches that mount on existing ignition starting systems.

What constitutes a full set of Jet Ski igniter parts?

Kawasaki has a specific standard that defines what goes into a full set of igniter caps for any of their watercraft. It comes with a complete coil assembly, which is used to start the engine on a Jet Ski. These sets also come with the electric case and wire mounting block that let you connect them to the jacks on your Jet Ski. Some PWC starter kits like those for the 310X and SX-R will also come complete with a kill switch to halt your personal watercraft.

Can you replace a Jet Ski computer ignition module?

If your PWC features a sealed computer module, then you can unbolt it and replace it with another thats designed for that specific model. The sealed cases protect them against water, but they also make it easy to replace. You can just unscrew them from the frame on your personal watercraft. All of the code needed to start your personal watercraft comes installed for you.

How easy is it to use computer ignition keys?

Some Kawasaki PWC models use a square, plastic key to boot the computerized ignition system. If youre replacing parts on a PWC that uses these kinds of keys, then you merely need to insert the plastic card and wait. Your personal watercraft will then start as expected.