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How to Purchase Jos. A. Bank Men's Dress Shirts

Jos. A. Bank is a manufacturer and store that offers menswear that includes tailored shirts, suits, jackets, and other types of apparel and outerwear for a variety of occasions and sizes. Its collection of dress shirts includes an array of fits and designs for every occasion.

What Are Some Features of Men's Dress Shirts?

Though Jos. A. Bank shirts have a classic, traditional look and feel, they do have varied features that make them stand out, and these features can help you to decide which one is right for you.

  • Dress shirts come in two sleeve lengths: short or long sleeves. When selecting a long-sleeved one, you have the option of choosing French cuffs, which are a double-layered cuff that adds an extra touch. Adding cufflinks as an accessory can give it an even more distinct, polished look.
  • Collar types in men's shirts vary. There are button-down collars, which have a button on each point to secure it to the shirt, point collars come to a crisp point, and spread collars are a bit wider than point collars and go out instead of down to create a different silhouette. The latter type is recommended for a Windsor-knotted tie.
  • Aside from French cuffs, there are three other types to select from: convertible, which give you the option to wear buttoned or with cufflinks; one-button designs, which are typically a bit more casual when buttoned and a bit rounded; and single cufflink styles, which you wear with cufflinks.

What Are Some Men's Dress Shirt Fits and Sizes?

The brand makes shirts for men that fit in several ways. You'll want to select the fit that flatters your body type and provides the most comfort, while considering factors like whether you're wearing the shirt under a jacket or the type of pants you'll be pairing the shirt with. Be sure to consult the manufacturer's site for a sizing chart.

  • The brand's Slim fit hugs your body tighter throughout the chest and waist area. The sleeves are typically narrower than in other dress shirt fits, and the armholes are high, creating a flattering and sleek silhouette.
  • Select a Tailored dress shirt if you'd like a trim feel through the chest, but not a tight or snug fit. 
  • A Traditional dress shirt is a bit roomier and loose-fitting with fuller sleeves and more accommodating shoulders. 

Which Designs and Colors Are Available?

Wearing dress shirts and suits doesn't have to be boring. In fact, dress clothing is downright fashionable when you select the right colors and patterns that work with your suit, tie, and shoes to pull together an effortlessly sophisticated look. 

  • Solid-colored shirts range from neutral shades from the Traveler Collection, which is a Traditional line of shirts. Shades include black, blue, lilac, and cream.
  • Choose a herringbone, plaid, or pinstripe pattern and pair it with a solid-colored tie.
  • Select from a variety of checked patterns, such as windowpane, mini-grid, or tattersall designs.

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