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How to Select the Right JVC VHS Camcorder for You

The camcorder revolutionized the way in which you preserve your memories, allowing you to record precious moments on a compact VHS camera, and keep them packaged away on tape for future watching. Camcorders and VHS video cameras allow everyone the chance to play filmmaker.

What Is the Terminology and How Does It Influence My Camcorder Choice?

Selecting a piece of technology can be daunting. It's important to get a good understanding of the available options and what they mean for you. A lot of the terms are interchangeable.

  • VHS stands for video home system, and VCR is the name for the type of player that plays the videotapes. Both terms are often used interchangeably.
  • VHS-C is the smaller, compact version of VHS, which camcorders often use. A VHS-C camcorder is simply a camcorder that plays compact tapes.
  • A VHS camcorder plays VHS tapes, but the term is often interchangeable with those that play compact tapes.
  • Many modern camcorders also have a camera, so you can take photos at the same time as filming video. JVC was the first brand to incorporate camera technology with a VHS camcorder.

How Does a Camcorder Operate?

A camcorder is a mini VHS video camera with which you can record home videos and events. It's a portable film camera designed for family and casual recording. Most camcorders, such as the JVC VHS camcorder, operate with a VHS-C, or compact VHS tape.

  • A fold-out viewfinder is a common feature, meaning you can see what you're recording without needing to place your eye right into the camera.
  • Built-in features, such as white balance, built-in light, and optical zoom allow you to ensure you achieve good-quality recordings no matter the surrounds.
  • A built-in microphone means that your video camera doesn't require bulky external accessories.

Which Accessories Are Available for My VHS Camcorder?

Plenty of accessories to support and enhance the function of your camcorder are available.

  • VHS-C are the type of VHS on which the film is recorded. You can buy as many tapes as you like and record your memories on them.
  • In order to keep your camcorder running, you will need batteries and a charger. Many people like to purchase a spare battery as a backup so they don't have to pause what they're doing and wait for their existing one to charge.
  • Travel and carry bags designed for video cameras offer soft protective packaging, while you're storing or traveling with your camera. They often feature pockets and cases for chargers, batteries, and spare tapes, as well as a shoulder strap so you can focus on recording.

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