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Interior Door Panels and Parts for Jaguar XJ8

Interior door panels do more than look good inside of your car. Theyre a functional part of your vehicle, helping to protect electrical components of your audio speakers and door locks, as well as the motors of your windows. Knowing the parts of a door panel and how to repair damage to them will help you protect the interior of your XJ8 and keep your interior cabin attractive and comfortable.

What are interior door panels made of?

Interior door panels and parts contain several different materials, including cardboard, fiberglass, metal, plastic, and wood. Most panels are a single piece of molded plastic overlayed with decorative features. Many have storage spaces built in and openings for door hardware. Others are more basic and allow you to choose the decorative overlays you prefer.

How do you know when door panels require replacement?

The interior door panels on your model Jaguar XJ8 are made of high-quality materials that will generally last the lifetime of your vehicle. The signs that you may need to replace your door panels or retainer clips are:

  • The panel gets stuck and you cannot remove it easily when you need to.
  • The panel pulls away from the rest of the door when you try to close it.
  • The texture looks or feels different, is bent, cracked, or appears warped.
Are there universal door panel fasteners that fit the XJ8?

Universal door panel fasteners and stud clips are accessories that usually come in a kit with 400-500 clip. If you only need parts for one to four doors, you can order a smaller package with the amount you need for each door. Several aftermarket auto parts manufacturers produce clips, fasteners, and retainers that fit the Jaguar XJ8. These are similar in quality to OEM Jaguar parts. If you know the Jaguar part number, you can find exact matching parts.

How do you replace the door panels and retainer clips?

You need a socket ratchet, pliers, and a screwdriver. Remove the electric panels and disconnect the lock and window fuses. Remove the socket ratchet to remove the bolt from the handle area. Use the screwdriver or a putty knife to pull the door panel loose. Start at the top near the mirror and work your way around the door. Once the panel is off, inspect the retainer clips for wear and replace them if necessary. Put the new panel on working from the bottom and making sure it attaches to the retainer clips. Reconnect your window and lock hardware and replace the bolts. Your door will be secure when you open and close it.