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Buick LeSabre Interior Consoles and Parts

The Buick LeSabre is a legendary GM vehicle. This Buick was a favorite with the public for generations. These Buick LaSabre interior consoles and parts will keep your car looking and performing better than ever.

Why is your center console important?

Traditionally, the center console is where controls like gear shifts have been placed. In contemporary, automatic cars, it has evolved to become more of a storage place. The console usually has a compartment covered by a lid. Sometimes, there are also cup holders and a coin tray attached to the console. For the Buick LeSabre, theres a wide range of options for your center console.

  • Center console lid: In the Buick LeSabre, this feature typically does double or triple-duty. The console lid is often the armrest and the lid for a storage bin. For some editions of the LeSabre, it also includes cup holders. Knowing the exact make and model of your LeSabre will help you get the correct replacement part.
  • Accessories and features: Buicks are known for classy interior design and comfortable features. Over the decades, the LeSabres console evolved to include cushioning for an armrest, cup holders, and change trays.
  • Console supports: The armrest lid features a brace. This part can be replaced if it buckles.
How do you choose the right console for your LeSabre?

The Buick LeSabre was in production for almost 50 years, so knowing the exact platform of your car is important. The LeSabre came in coupe, sedan, and station wagon sizes when it was being produced. It is also a good idea to try and match the part to your Buicks interior.

  • Model year: The LeSabre was manufactured from the late 1950s until 2005. There were multiple changes to the platform during that time. It is important to make sure that the interior console you choose is approved for your model year before you make a purchase.
  • Aesthetic options: There are plenty of console parts to fit any Buicks interior style. Whether your Buick LeSabre features leather seats or fabric ones, there is a match out there for you. Color options include grey, black, and tan.
What are the other passenger compartment parts for your LeSabre?

There are plenty of parts in your Buicks passenger compartment that sometimes require replacement. Cigarette lighters, power outlets, window controls, and door switches are all used heavily. Seat adjustment controls and air conditioning vents are also available for your Buick LeSabre.

  • Controls: Everything from door and window controls to stereo equipment is available for your Buick LeSabre.
  • Ventilation: If your air conditioning or heating vents are broken, the modules for these systems are widely available.