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Consoles and Parts for Buick Enclave

Buick began manufacturing the Enclave in 2007 as a full-size luxury sport utility vehicle, with the transition to a mid-size luxury SUV starting in 2018. These sport utility vehicles from Buick and GM hold a minimum of seven passengers and have ample storage room. If you are interested in replacing your Buick Enclaves center, floor, or overhead console, view the available genuine OEM and aftermarket options and see which performance parts and accessories will freshen up your Buick to showroom status.

What materials are used in the consoles for the Buick?

Your GM Buick Enclaves center console is made from materials such as leather, synthetic leather, nylon, cotton, or a blend of different materials. Each component has advantages. For example, leather is durable, while nylon and cotton are easy to clean. Your floor console usually is made of hardened ABS plastic, which makes it ideal for cleaning up accidental spills and standing up to hard knocks and scuffing.

What overhead consoles are available for the Buick Enclave?

If your Buick Enclave is one of the select performance vehicles from the line that has an overhead console, the console will be made of hardened ABS plastic. The dimensions of this compartment are 14 x 9 x 14 inches. The weight is around 14 ounces, and you can match the color to the interior of your Buick Enclave. Overhead compartments are convenient for holding your glasses or other small items such as your garage door opener.

What are the specifications of the cars center console?

The weight of your vehicles center console varies based on the materials used. Buick Enclave accessories for your car can include leather or synthetic leather blends, ABS plastic, nylon, or other materials. If you choose a plastic center console for the vehicle, the weight is approximately 3 pounds. Regardless of the content, the dimensions are about 13.2 x 7 x 2.5 inches, depending on your SUV’s specific trim. Buick fabric consoles are light, around 1.5 - 2 pounds. You can choose from colors such as black, gray, or tan to match the interior of your Buick.

Are the replacement consoles for the Buick Enclave genuine OEM?

The consoles and parts for Buick Enclave are available from the original manufacturer, allowing you to obtain materials from the same factory which manufactured the original car. You can also find direct fit replacements from the parent manufacturer, General Motors. Other options for the Buick include items from third parties and aftermarket performance manufacturers who have no ties to Buick but make accessories and hardware which fit the Enclave.