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Everything You Need to Know About Intellivision System Console Gaming

Intellivision is a video console system dating from the late 1970s that was one of the first in-home gaming systems that featured arcade-style games. The owners of these consoles got to play Donkey Kong Jr., B-17 Bomber, Bump'N Jump, Dracula, and many more entertaining games at home. If you remember these systems from when you were young or you now enjoy playing retro games from the early days, then you are in luck because this system and its library of games are readily available on eBay.

Is the original Intellivision system compatible with modern monitors? Yes, you can play the original Intellivision system on your modern monitor. If you have an original RF connector box, you can use a coaxial cable to connect the connector box to the antenna or cable port on the back of your TV. If you do not have an RF connector box, you can use a coaxial to RCA (female) adapter that is easy to find and inexpensive.

What are the original components of the Intellivision system? The original Intellivision system came with attached power cords and controllers that were hardwired into the system. This is handy to keep them from becoming misplaced, but it also means they will be difficult to replace if they are damaged. All versions have an RF output that can take an RF connector box. The later versions of the Intellivision video game console included detachable controllers and had add-ons such as a keyboard component and a voice synthesis module, which was an adapter that added audible speech to the system. Affordable vintage Intellivision systems are available for sale on eBay.

What are some of the additional games for the Intellivision console system? The original system was produced from 1979 to 1989. During those years, there were 133 titles released. These are some of the more common games:

  • Frog Bog
  • Lock 'N Chase
  • Major League Baseball
  • NFL Football
  • Shark! Shark!
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Dracula
  • Frogger
  • Dig Dug
  • Demon Attack

Are there later versions of the original Mattel Intellivision? Recently, the Intellivision gaming system has seen a resurgence with the introduction of the Intellivision Amico. Released in 2021, the Amico represents a modern iteration of the classic console designed for family-friendly gaming experiences. With a focus on inclusivity and local multiplayer, the Intellivision Amico features a unique controller system and a library of games catering to a broad audience. The later versions of the Intellivision demonstrate a commitment to nostalgia and innovation, providing a contemporary gaming option with a nod to its iconic roots. You can also find an Amico controller to use with your console.