Intel Core i7 3rd Gen. SSD (Solid State Drive) PC Desktops & All-In-One Computers

Powerful Computing Performance: The i7 SSD Desktop

An Intel i7 SSD desktop can be a truly powerful and fast computing solution that can help you get more work and play done. Not only are these PCs typically preloaded with high amounts of RAM and powerful processors, but the solid-state drives that store programs can speed up the loading of various programs. eBay is an excellent platform to find a good home or office PC, and you can find multiple models on the platform that are affordable and are computers with SSD drives.

What are the CPU stats for the i7 computer desktop?

For the i7-3770, which is a fairly powerful variation of Intels Ivy Bridge line of processors, there are quite a few impressive stats:

  • Multi-core functionality - The number of cores that can be found on this processor is four. This means that the CPU can perform four simultaneous calculations at a time, which is useful for modeling computers, computers used for video editing, or gaming machines.
  • Clock of the processor - The clock speed, which is measured in gigahertz is the number of clock cycles the processor can perform in a second, which is where all of the computational power originates. This processor can perform at speeds greater than 3.0 GHz, which means that it can perform an impressive three billion-plus cycles per second, per core, which is very powerful.
  • High max memory size - While many consider that 4GB of RAM to be the base, this processor can work with a maximum 32GB of RAM and an i7 32GB RAM desktop can run a wide variety of demanding programs.
Can a desktop 16GB RAM i7 have multiple USB connectors?

Yes. If youre planning on connecting printers, mice, or other peripherals, youll need at least a few USB connections. Currently, 3.0+ is the USB with the fastest data rates, so if youre going to connect external hard drives and key drives, seek out a machine with at least four of this type of connector.

What else should you look for in an i7 computer?

When youre in the market for a machine like this, try to find one that has:

  • A high-capacity SSD drive or SSD/HDD combo - Youll need to save your data and programs somewhere, and an SSD or an SSD/HDD combo can give you a fast access speed for your programs and a place to store your files.
  • An optical drive - These can playback CD, DVD, or Blu-ray discs.
  • An updated operating system - The operating system is the basis of your computing, so select a product that has a fully updated OS.
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