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Icebreaker Clothing for Men

Icebreaker Clothing for Men

Active apparel is a major component of the overall clothing industry. One outdoor active apparel producer is Icebreaker Clothing, which makes activewear for both men and women. Icebreakers menswear provides different activewear options for men engaging in a variety of outdoor activities.

When might you wear Icebreaker mens clothing?

Icebreaker produces clothing for people who like to be outside during the winter and other cooler months. For men who like to spend their time hiking, camping, skiing, and fishing, Icebreakers activewear helps contain body heat so cold outdoor temperatures are less harmful.

What types of clothes does Icebreaker make?

Some of the activewear choices produced by Icebreaker include heavy coats, lightweight jackets, shirts, sweaters, and a range of other products that function well in brisk weather. Wearing a Stratus long sleeve zip over an Oasis long sleeve crew is an example of how Icebreaker outerwear and clothing can create layered warmth with moisture-wicking properties. Clothing items can be worn alone or in combinations such as this given example, depending on how cold it is and the activity that you will be doing.

What are some of the benefits of Icebreaker menswear?

In addition to the options that include sweaters, shirts, or lightweight coats, Icebreaker clothing is constructed of materials that hold in body heat without allowing excess moisture to build. One of the materials that Icebreaker uses is Merino wool. Icebreaker Merino wool helps to keep you warm in very cold temperatures, allowing you to feel warm and comfortable without overheating.

Why does Icebreaker use Merino wool?

In addition to its warming capacity and natural breathability, Merino wool products are sustainable choices for the environment. The wool comes from a sustainable supply, which means that friendly environmental practices are followed, including the protection and wise use of the livestock involved in producing the wool products. From long underwear to zip-ups, Merino wool products for men can help maintain warmth and comfort when on a ski trip or hiking in the middle of winter.

Do Icebreaker lightweight jackets keep you warm in winter?

When looking for a winter coat, men may look for a heavy, thick option. However, Icebreaker offers mens lightweight jackets that provide maximum warmth with minimum extra weight for the trails. Icebreaker lightweight jackets are made from sustainable, moisture-wicking, and breathable materials to provide maximum comfort in winter activities. They can often also be used in warmer weather due to the flexibility of natural fibers.

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