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Volkswagen Passat Hubcaps

If you own a Volkswagen Passat, you know how important it is to keep your car running and looking optimally. One of the ways you can keep it looking sharp is to change out your hubcaps. Not only do new hubcaps help improve the visual appeal of your Volkswagen Passat but they also add more protection.

What styles of hubcaps are available for the Volkswagen Passat?

When shopping for Volkswagen Passat hubcaps, you have a multitude of options. Many owners prefer hubcaps with the iconic VW logo on the center. There are hubcaps with spokes and double spokes for a true wheel look. Some have a raised center. There are hubcaps available that show off the lug nuts with individual caps and some hide them even more.

You will also get to choose the finish of your hubcaps which includes matte or chrome. If you are feeling adventurous, you can veer away from traditional hubcap colors such as black, silver, and white and try a bolder color like orange, red, or blue.

How do you change your hubcaps on a Volkswagen Passat?

Not only is changing your hubcaps a great option for improving the aesthetics of your vehicle, it can also be done with little time and effort. Follow these steps to change out your Volkswagen hubcaps:

  • Make sure your vehicle is parked on level ground.
  • Remove the old hubcaps. With plastic hubcaps, you will need a flathead screwdriver. Use it to pry the edges of the hubcap away from the wheel to remove. For metal or alloy hubcaps, you will need to remove the caps over the lug nuts and then use a wrench to remove the lug nuts themselves. The old hubcap should then come off. Do this on each wheel.
  • Once all of the old hubcaps are off, you can put on the new ones. If your new ones are plastic, they will snap into place in the center of the wheel. You may need to use a few gentle taps from a hammer to be sure they are secured in place. If your new hubcaps are metal or alloy, you will put the new hubcap in place and use a wrench to put in the lugnuts. Then, cover the lug nuts with caps. Repeat these steps on each wheel.
  • Take your Volkswagen Passat for a short test drive to ensure that all of the hubcaps are securely attached and will not come off.
How do you know what size hubcap to buy?

It is imperative that you purchase the right size hubcaps for your Volkswagen. The wrong size will not fit securely. To find out what size you need, do not measure the current hubcap. Instead, examine your tires to find a number similar to P175/65/R14. The last number will be the size tire you need in inches. For the example, a 14-inch hubcap would be required.