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Hoods for Lexus IS250

Hoods for Lexus IS250 are built for both practicality and aesthetic pleasure. The hood serves as an integral part of the vehicles structure and is a necessary element to cover and protect the engine and inner-workings of the cars mechanical parts. It completes the look and feel of the Lexus IS250.

What is the function of this Lexus IS250 part?

The hood of a car protects all of the components underneath, including the engine, transmission, radiator, air conditioner compressor, alternator, power steering pump, water pump, brake components, and battery. It allows access to all of these parts. The hood also impacts the vehicles aerodynamic properties.

What are some qualities of this model of hood?

This particular hood has stayed consistent in design since 2006. Available in black, white, and other colors, this hood model fits both the Lexus IS250 and 350 models from 2006 through the 2012 model year. Youll want to make sure that you choose the proper version of the part, as the sport hood is wider near the windshield and narrows slightly as it approaches the front bumper. The front edge is curved.

What features are typical of a luxury car hood?

Many luxury sedans, including the Lexus IS250, feature grooves in the hood to direct air over the car when driven, starting at a point and widening to a larger surface area. This detailing is found on many different Lexus makes and models, 2WD and AWD, and serves as one of the distinguishing factors of the class.

How do you care for this model of hood?

Clean the hood with soap, water, and a soft sponge, as you would the rest of the vehicle. Dry the surface with a soft, clean cloth. Once the vehicle is clean, you may use polish to increase the cars shine and to seal in the surface. Apply the polish with a clean, thick cloth to apply the wax and another clean cloth to rub the extra polish away and complete the shining process. Use circular motions to apply and remove the polish and wax.

What is this Lexus models hood made from?

Lexus hoods are typically made from aluminum to minimize the risk of rusting, and theyre relatively lightweight. If you dent or damage the part, there is a high probability that the damaged area on your Lexus sedan will remain rust-free until you are ready to repair it properly.

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