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Honeywell Dome Home Security Cameras: Built for Your Safety

While technology provides new opportunities for criminals to thrive, it also provides new and powerful tools that people can use to stay alert and even fight back. Honeywell dome home security cameras make a great addition to a carefully prepared home security plan for the confidence and peace of mind they provide.

Are these dome cameras easy to use for home security?

The Honeywell security cameras are fully enclosed and ready to use right out of the box to increase outdoor and indoor security. The indoor/outdoor cameras feature local video outputs and networking ports that mean the units can be installed in a variety of locations and configurations with little to no setup. These addressable security cameras come with advanced IR night vision capability that helps provide clear and precise video both during the day and at night. The IR night vision range is also adjustable as an advanced feature, so you will be able to fine-tune the video based on the surrounding light levels.

What are the most important features of these security cameras?

The Honeywell smart home security camera system uses advanced design and technology all around to make a product that will support the needs of the homeowner. The enclosed security camera units with integrated lens and camera are designed to mount easily and function seamlessly and consistently in a variety of different locations and applications. Some of the advanced features and functions of this camera system include:

  • A 620 TVL high-resolution color security camera
  • Digital noise reduction (DNR)
  • IR night vision with illumination up to 65 feet
  • True IR day/night capability with adjustable cut filter
  • Weather-rated indoor/outdoor capable
Is the Honeywell camera compatible with smartphones?

The Honeywell home security camera uses a secure wired networking protocol for an extra layer of safety. This wired IP cameras design can be used with wireless smartphone applications indirectly via a smart system controller, which is often found in smart homes and small businesses. This type of controller can be upgraded for wireless transmission.

Are these cameras compatible with Arlo camera systems?

Because the Honeywell dome security cameras are fully enclosed, they are designed to function with a variety of control units. As the enclosed dome units are capable of functioning with advanced control systems, it is possible that both Arlo and Honeywell camera units could be incorporated into a broader networked security system.

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