Honda Car Truck Interior Console Parts

Honda produces a broad range of trucks and cars that have many interior parts designed to control the interior aspects of your vehicle. Understanding these different parts is important because they can help you create a ride that is right for your vehicle. Make sure that all parts are carefully matched with the Honda truck of your choice.

What interior control parts are available on a Honda truck?

Some of the most important interior parts for a Honda truck include center console items. These typically vary depending on the type of Honda truck you own and the interior of the vehicle. For example, the Honda CR-V has a different Auxiliary jack than a vehicle like a Honda Odyssey.

The CR-V also has a center console auxiliary radio stereo input jack that lets you add different audio players to your truck. Other items designed for a Honda truck interior include air conditioning controls and window parts that are located on your door. Again, these will vary depending on your Honda.

Door handles are also different for various Honda vehicles. Most are a pull handle located near the front of the door. For example, the CR-V has this type of handle. However, a Honda Pilot uses a lift handle that opens your door when you pull up. The type of control system and its interior parts used on each are mostly similar but may vary from year to year.

What comfort accessories are available on a Honda?

The interior of a Honda has many parts and accessories designed for comfort. For example, a 2011 Honda Odyssey has a dash or panel center console area that lets drivers hold multiple drinks. Accessories and parts like these are also paired off with interior parts like floor covers. Floor covers protect the interior of your vehicle and keep it from getting dirty. Most floor covers are specific to particular truck models.

For example, the 2005 Pilot has floor covers that are fit to its specific measurements. Similarities between Pilot models and their parts may make it possible to place these floor covers in other cars.

Other comfort items include interior parts such as armrest assemblies. For example, 2003-2007 Honda Accord cars have a cloth console and sliding top armrest that provides support for your elbows. Parts like these can be easily replaced in the interior of just about any Honda.

Can you replace these parts and accessories on your own?

Placing new parts and accessories on your dash or panel is usually pretty simple. Most interior parts for Hondas can slide on and off your dash or the panel with only a little work. For example, you should be able to pop an air conditioning knob off the dash or panel with a firm tug. Other interior parts that you should be able to swap include door handles and turn control parts.