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Multiple Hisense Remotes for Your Smart TV

Having an additional or replacement Hisense remote control readily available can be a lifesaver, ensuring you always have control over your home entertainment devices within arm's reach. With just a few button presses, your smart TV remote can effortlessly transform the ambiance of your home, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies with ease.

eBay offers a plethora of affordable options when it comes to purchasing Hisense remote controls. Whether you need a spare remote or seeking a Hisense TV remote replacement for a lost or damaged one, eBay provides a convenient platform to find the perfect solution for your needs.

What types and models will work with a remote replacement?

The replacement remote will work with a variety of models and devices. Most smart TV, LCD, and LED hardware should be covered. Here is a short list of model numbers for which you can find replacement remotes on eBay:

  • 65H6D
  • 50H5G
  • 55K610GWN
  • RT160678

How do you set up a replacement Hisense Smart TV remote?

Setting up a replacement Hisense TV remote is an easy process. First, acquire compatible replacement hardware online. You can compare trusted sellers by reading through recent customer feedback to determine the best company to purchase a replacement. Then, you'll need to program the original Hisense remote codes for your TV's specific make and model, which should be found in your original Hisense remote control manual. If you have discarded or lost your original manual, you can typically find copies on the manufacturer's website. You can also download the Hisense remote control app for Android to manage your home entertainment system from your smartphone or to help program a new remote.

What types of activities can you do with this remote?

Your home entertainment system is a gateway to fun and excitement. Here are some things a new Hisense remote can help you accomplish:

  • Switch between playback of various devices: If you have more than one device plugged into your household's primary TV, your remote can help you switch back and forth. Once you finish defeating the evil emperor on your favorite console RPG, you can change to watch live sports or the evening news.
  • Set a sleep timer: If you or a loved one is someone who can't fall asleep without ambient noise, you can set a timer for your TV to turn off without leaving the comfort of your favorite recliner or lifting the sheets on your bed.

Manage or limit access to various content: You can set passwords or restrict access to various content for the youngest members of your household and ensure that they browse only age-appropriate and family-friendly content.