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BMW 325Ci Headlights

At some point, you will likely need to replace your BMW 325Ci’s headlights. Before you start, you should know some basics about the different types of lights there are so that you can better understand what you are working with. As always, proper care and safety procedures should be followed before attempting any DIY repair, and if you are not comfortable doing so for your BMW Coupe vehicle, find somebody who is qualified to do it for you.

What types of headlights are available for BMW 325Ci?

There are several different types of automobile head lights that are available for a 3 Series model like the 325Ci. By far, the most commonly used ones are halogen, Xenon HID, and LED. Some general knowledge about each is listed below.

  • Halogen: They use a design that is very similar to that of the commonly used incandescent lights found in homes. Much like those, halogen headlights have a metal filament made of tungsten inside of a glass bulb filled with gas. However, the halogen lights have a special design difference that enables them to perform much better. Under normal operating circumstances, the filament in the BMWs bulb gets so hot that the surface atoms of the metal actually start to be vaporized, which weakens the structural strength of the filament, which could lead to an earlier burnout of the bulb. With halogen lights, the halogen gas inside helps to mitigate this problem. When the bulb cools after use, the gas works to redeposit the vaporized atoms back onto the surface of the filament, repairing it and increasing the strength of the metal. While this doesnt prevent it from eventually burning out, it does help to significantly extend the lifespan of the bulb.
  • Xenon HID: The HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, which is fitting for a headlight design that is well known for being able to emit incredibly powerful rays of light. Unlike traditional light bulbs, which use a filament to conduct the electricity from one electrode to the other, these lights place the electrodes close enough together for the electricity to jump the gap between them. This creates a continuous arc of current, which passes through the xenon gas that these bulbs are filled with. When this happens, the gas becomes highly energized and responds by emitting high-intensity light waves. In order to contain the temperatures and pressures produced by this design, the bulb must be made of a special quartz glass, which is more durable than regular glass.
  • LED: These are one of the more recent innovations in car head lights. LED headlights come with a number of excellent benefits that make them useful, mainly an impressive brightness to size ratio, and a reputation for being incredibly energy efficient.
What should you know before replacing headlights on BMW 325Ci?

Replacing the headlights of your BMW car can be a little tricky because of the amount of stuff you have to work around. As long as care is taken to follow proper safety procedures and bulb replacement guidelines, you should be able to replace the lights in the vehicle with little trouble. Before touching anything electrical in the 325Ci, make sure that the power supply is shut off and you are following the instructions given to avoid electric shock.