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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Fork Tubes

Harley Davidson Fork Tubes

In order to customize a Harley Davidson bike’s wheels and rotors with chrome parts, it may require assembling new fork tubes, a fork brace, and other parts. Knowing the difficulty level, necessary tools, and specific steps are essential to successfully customize the Harley Davidson fork tubes on your bike.

How do you remove Harley Davidson fork tubes?
  1. Unscrew but do not take off the left cap bolt from the fork tube plug above the fork tubes.
  2. Using a lock washer, unscrew but do not take off the pinch bolt that is on the left side of the lower bracket.
  3. For lubrication, use WD-40 spray or another lubricant on the fork tubes on top of the rubber stop. Then, shift the stop along the fork tubes until it touches the lower end of the upper triple tree.
  4. Hold up the slider and take the cap bolt off the fork tubes plug. Release the fork tubes from the upper triple tree, slider cover, lower triple tree, and the stop.
  5. To retain oil, place the cap bolt back on the fork tubes plug.
How do you install a Harley Davidson fork brace?
  1. Start by placing the motorcycle on a center stand. If there is no center stand available, use a floor jack to get the bike vertical.
  2. Loosen the axle pinch bolt.
  3. Using a 5mm Allen wrench, loosen the four 5mm bolts that hold the new fork brace together and separate the two halves before installation.
  4. To start installing the new fork brace, ensure that the bolts are facing the rear of the motorcycle and be aware of the location of the fork brace. The top of the fork brace should fit just underneath the chrome caps on the front fork tubes. Be careful while installing not to scratch the front fender.
  5. Using a torque wrench, hand tighten all four of the 5mm Allen bolts to 10 foot pounds.
  6. Tighten the axle pinch bolts and torque to factory specifications for the bike.
  7. Bounce the front end of the Harley to make sure that the newly installed fork brace does not interfere with any cables or other parts.
How much oil goes into each leg of the lower forks?

While replacing the lower forks with chrome parts on a 2007 Harley Davidson Road Glide, 10.8 ounces of oil is required in each leg. To get air out of the oil, be sure to pump the legs a few times before sealing them up and placing them on the bike.

How do you remove glide forks to power coat them?

Remove the wheel and the fender and loosen the switch plate and place it on the tank. There is a pinch bolt behind the plate for each of the forks. Loosen each of the upper and lower pinch bolts with an Allen wrench. The glide forks will slide right off.