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HP Towers

Common Questions About Hewlett Packard Desktop Tower Computers

Computers play a very important role in our lives, and having the right desktop computer makes business, school, gaming, or creative projects a far better experience. With the constantly changing nature of the computer industry, its important when shopping for a desktop computer to determine what speed, space, memory, and functionality you will need for what you plan to do. eBay has a vast selection of affordable quality desktop computers, such as the HP desktop computer tower, so you can find the right tower to suit your individual needs.

What types of Hewlett Packard desktop computers are available?

A wide assortment of new and refurbished HP desktop computer towers are available on eBay. There are computers available with no pre-installed operating system and some available with Windows 7 and Windows 10. There are towers available with less than 1GB of memory and others available with more than 16GB. The towers come with powerful processors like Intel Core i5 3rd generation, Intel Core i5 4th generation, Intel Core i7 3rd generation, Intel Core i7 4th generation, Intel Core i7 7th generation, Intel Xeon, and more.

The processor speeds range from 2.50-2.99 GHz, 3.00-3.49 GHz, and 3.50-3.99 GHz. When it comes to hard drive space, select from options like 250-499GB, 500-749GB, and more than 2TB with options of HDD (Hard Disk Drive), HDD + SSD, and SSD (Solid State Drive) for storage types. For graphics processing, some units feature dedicated graphics, some hybrid graphics, and others have integrated or on-board graphics cards. Other options on models, form factor, and connectivity are also available.

How do you determine how much storage space you need?

Below are simple guidelines for how much RAM is needed for most PCs:

  • 4GB: This is the standard amount of RAM, which is fine if youll mostly be using Windows and Chrome operating systems.
  • 8GB: This is a good amount for Windows operating systems to operate smoothly and to operate most games.
  • 16GB: This is an ideal amount of RAM for professional work and resource-heavy games.
  • 32GB and more: This amount of RAM is not needed for most cases, but it can be used by enthusiasts and purpose-built workstations.
How much storage space is sufficient for a desktop computer?

Non-professional users will find that 250 to 320GB of storage is sufficient. 250GB of space can hold more than 25,000 songs or average photographs. If you plan to use the desktop for a movie collection, however, youll want more space with an upgrade to 500GB to 1TB. The larger storage types would be traditional hard drives as most SSD drives max out at 256GB.

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