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Get Surfing with HP Spectre Laptops and Netbooks

HP Spectre laptops and netbooks come standard with an array of features relating to video quality, processing power, and user interactivity. These products run the Windows operating system by default and come with Windows 10. CPU processing speed varies, with different models having different capabilities.

What are some of the features offered?

Each of the laptops comes standard with a full keyboard, a high definition 13.3-inch screen with bezels, and a hard drive. The HP Spectre comes with 8GB of memory as well as 256GB of SSD storage. Touchscreen capability is included as well to enable users to directly interact with their screens. Screen bezels provide some protection by raising the edges of the frame directly surrounding the screen of the laptop. The processing power of laptops varies with those designed for gaming among the higher end. The product uses an Intel i5 or i7 processor for computing depending on the specific laptop purchased. Prior to purchase, users should evaluate their individual needs to ensure the product meets their requirements. Thunderbolt ports are included to allow for high-speed data transfer as well. Battery life is approximately 11 hours.

What are some of the different colors and designs available?

Aesthetics varies between models. HP laptops come standard with the HP logo on the back cover of the laptop. In addition, the HP logo appears directly below the screen on the interior of the laptop. Framing and edges may be different colors than the main casing of the laptop. Accented finishes are used in these products. The framing directly surrounding the screen is black while bezels utilize an accented finish. Multiple colors may be used. Colors used in designs include the following:

  • White
  • Dark Silver
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Rose Gold
What are the size and weight features of the laptop?

This product is designed to be compact and thin. The laptop is 10.4 millimeters thick and weighs 2.45 pounds. The cited screen size of 13.3 inches refers to the diagonal distance from corner to corner of the screen. The thin design is achieved due to a special hinge that does not add space to the laptop. The product utilizes both carbon steel and aluminum for the purpose of maintaining durability without adding weight.

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