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Perform Print Jobs On the Go With the HP OfficeJet 100

The compact nature of the inexpensive HP OfficeJet 100 printer makes it a sensible choice for professionals who travel. A sales representative may bring it to hotel rooms and produce important presentation documents right before meetings. Locating an HP mobile 100 model wont be difficult since eBay lists a multitude of them.

Does the HP OfficeJet 100 print more than standard paper?

Printing black text on standard 8-inch x 11-and-one-half-inch paper might be the most common use for the printer, but it is not the only one. Consumers who purchase an HP OfficeJet from eBay can also print images. The printer is not listed exclusively as a mobile printer. The device also ranks as a "digital photo printer." Place photo paper in the tray to produce the photos. As for paper, standard text documents arent the only ones generated by the printer. Requests for prints also include the following:

  • Envelopes
  • Greeting and index cards
  • Labels
What connectivity options does the HP OfficeJet present?

"Expansive" might be the word that best describes the connectivity options for this HP inkjet printer. The USB connection ports include not only 1.0 but also 1.1 and 2.0. Bluetooth-capable connectivity allows the printer to work wirelessly with computers. Print right from a digital camera to this printer with the PictBridge connectivity feature.

What features are found in the HP OfficeJet 100?

The HP OfficeJet 100 stands out as a mobile printer capable of handling many different print requests. Glancing over the products listings on eBay reveals various features associated with the model. Among the features associated with the HP OfficeJet 100 mobile device are:

  • Quality resolution: The printer produces images at a high color resolution. The actual maximum resolution figure is 4800x1200 DPI, which allows for fine detail in photo images. Text images in both color and black ink print out with sufficient clarity as well.
  • Sufficient RAM: This printer model offers a full 32 MB of memory. The amount allows the printer to work with computers and digital cameras to process requests reliably.
  • Solid print speed: For standard documents, the printer produces 22 pages per minute of black ink text. Color pages come out at a pages per minute volume of 18. The listed monthly duty volume tops at 500 pages. The combination of 22ppm/18ppm and the duty volume should be fine for home and office use.
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