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Frequent Questions on Various HP Laptop Batteries

When laptop batteries become weak and approach the end of their useful life, they stop holding a charge for very long, which means you need to keep your laptop plugged into a power source, eliminating its portability. HP makes laptop batteries for their entire line of portable computers, and you can find these new or used batteries on eBay at a variety of price points.

Are HP batteries designed for a specific laptop or notebook?

Yes, the HP laptop battery that you select is meant to be used with a specific laptop model. For instance, if you choose an HP Pavilion battery, it must be used with a Pavilion. If a battery is purchased for the HP Envy, it must be used with the HP Envy. To ensure you choose the right replacement battery, have the laptop or notebook product name, product number, and serial number handy. This will allow you to find the compatible battery.

To make the process of selecting the right battery on eBay easier, browse the various categories of options. Here are the categories you can choose from:

  • Product line: You can select batteries based on your laptop model. Some of the choices are HP EliteBook, HP Envy, HP Pavilion, and ProBook.
  • Capacity: The various powers are 2600 mAh, 4200 mAh, 4400 mAh, 5200 mAh, 7800 mAh, and 8000 mAh.
  • Number of cells: The number of cells are three, four, six, eight, nine, or 12.
How many cells are in these laptop batteries?

The cells in a battery help determine how long a charge will last. A laptop battery with six cells generally stays charged for about two to four hours. A battery that has nine cells generally stays charged for up to eight hours. The HP Pavilion Notebook has both six- and nine-cell batteries available for it, depending on the amount of time you need to spend away from an electrical outlet. It is important to note that the power usage of your laptop computer also plays a role in how long a battery stays charged.

What does 5200 mAh mean on a laptop battery?

If a laptop battery has the 5200 mAh spec listed on it, then it will be able to supply 5200 milliamps of power per hour. This number is typical for most laptop batteries. HP does offer laptop batteries that can hold as little as 4400 mAh or as much as 8000 mAh. The lower capacity units are good for a notebook or laptop that uses a six-cell battery while the larger capacities are sufficient for laptops that require nine-cell batteries.

What is an OEM battery?

You might notice the OEM designation next to some of the batteries available for the HP Pavilion. This is an acronym that stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. In other words, you are getting the same component that the product would have come with when purchased. In addition to OEM batteries for the HP Pavilion, OEM batteries are available on eBay for the HP Envy, the HP Probook, the HP EliteBook, the HP Mini, and the HP Presario.