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HP AMD Athlon II 4 GB PC Laptops & Netbooks

How to Choose a 4 GB PC Laptop

For gaming, everyday use, or just entertaining yourself via music and movies, the HP series of AMD Athlon II laptops and notebooks has much to offer, especially when you select a model with 4 GB of memory, which is just enough for general use whether for work, school, or pleasure.

What Is an AMD Athlon II Processor?

These HP models are equipped with the AMD Athlon II processor, which adds power and increases performance and efficiency.

  • This type of processor not only has dual-core capabilities but multi-core compatibility as well. The amount of power is measured in GHz, so the higher the number, the more powerful the component.
  • ATI Radeon graphics allow this processor to level up the computer with intense, detailed graphics for gaming and other image-heavy tasks.
  • This specific AMD model is meant for compatibility with the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, so these components work together to enable a quick, efficient, energy-saving, and quiet computing experience thats packed with features for beginners and advanced users.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Purchase?

Aside from the processor and graphics, there are a few other considerations to weigh as you make your final purchasing decision when youre buying a laptop or notebook computer.

  • Along with 4 GB of RAM, youll want to consider hard-drive storage too, which is where long-term storage occurs. Storage capacities range from less than 100 GB up to over 700 GB depending on your needs.
  • Check out which ports your laptop has so youll be able to plug in peripherals. An HDMI port, a USB port, a headphone jack, and an SD card slot are all convenient options.
  • Think about which Windows OS you prefer. Though Windows 7 works well with the AMD, you can also select other OS, including Windows 10 and Windows Vista.

What Are Some Features of HP Laptops?

Though power and performance are of the utmost importance, you cant discount features when it comes to computers. Fortunately, these are packed with benefits that make your computing experience exciting and convenient.

  • A built-in webcam lets you snap photos and video chat with friends and family members. Its also handy when it comes to PC gaming.
  • An included power charger lets you power up your machines lithium-ion battery from wherever you are, ensuring youre never caught without a power source when youre working away from home.
  • Choose a model with a built-in DVD drive, so you can watch discs or play CDs, plug in your headphones, and immerse yourself in your own private entertainment session as a break from work, school, or everyday life.

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