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Add Codes to Your Favorite Games With a GBA GameShark

The Game Boy Advance GameShark accessory lets you input codes to add new, exciting features to your favorite Nintendo handheld games. Explore the various features of this device and the ways you can use it. eBay offers several GBA GameShark products for sale that are designed to work with your handheld system.

How does the GameShark for the GBA work?

A GBA GameShark cartridge allows you to load special codes onto the Game Boy Advance's memory unit. The device then loads these codes into the game you are playing.

Most codes are specific to a particular title. The codes add more features to your game, change some aspects of the game, or give your in-game characters new abilities that they do not have in the original version.

You will need to have the Game Boy Advance GameShark attached to your handheld device any time that you want to load a game that includes these codes. Your saved games may not be able to load without the device if you saved them with active codes.

Which games can the GBA GameShark alter?

The GBA version can support over 100 titles associated with the Game Boy Advance. Note that you might be able to make your own custom codes to add unique settings to some of your games. Some of the games or series that you can play in conjunction with the GameShark for the GBA include:

  • "Pokémon": You can add GameShark codes to various Pokémon titles. "Pokémon Silver," "Fire Red," "Ruby," and "Sapphire" are just a few of the titles in this series that will work with the GameShark.
  • "Mega Man": - "Mega Man Zero 3," "Zero 4," and "Battle Network 6" can support codes from the GameShark GBA model.
  • "Final Fantasy": "Final Fantasy IV Advance" and "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance" both work with this device.

What else can you do with the GameShark GBA?

In addition to adding codes to some of your favorite Game Boy Advance games, the GameShark price includes a few other options you might find beneficial. Some of the features you'll come across are:

  • Game Trainer: The GameShark GBA Game Trainer is a separate feature that can teach you how to create custom codes to add to your favorite games.
  • New modes: Although most cheat codes for the Game Boy Advance will give your characters advantages to make the game easier, some codes will change how the game looks or operates. This might add new ways to play.

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