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Fuel Pumps for Oldsmobile Aurora

Fuel Pumps for Oldsmobile Aurora

The fuel pumps for the Oldsmobile Aurora is vital in moving the fuel from the tank to the engine so that the vehicle is prepared to drive. As part of the fuel system, electronic fuel pumps draw the gas from the tank for delivery to the carburetor. As with all parts of the Oldsmobile sedans operating system, regular service and filter changes are important in keeping it running.

What are the components of Oldsmobile Aurora fuel systems?

The Oldsmobile Aurora fuel system provides storage and delivery of gasoline to the cylinders where it is mixed with air and is burned for energy to operate the vehicle. This includes everything from idling the car, running the AC, and climbing a hill. The parts of Aurora fuel pumps include:

  • Fuel tank: Tank at the rear of the Oldsmobile that receives and holds gasoline before it is transferred for use.
  • Fuel line: Hoses that run from the fuel tank to the Aurora sedans engine, carrying gas as it pumps through the system.
  • Fuel pump: Pumps gas from the tank to the cylinders.
  • Fuel filter: Fuel is pumped through the filter to keep out dirt and other contaminants.
What are the signs of problems with Oldsmobile fuel pumps?

The Aurora pumps provide warning signs if there is a problem. Taking quick action can keep you from being behind the wheel when the pump fails. If any of these symptoms occur with the Oldsmobile Aurora, there could be a problem with the way the Aurora pump functions.

  • The engine begins sputtering and losing power when the car is at a higher speed.
  • The temperature gauge runs hot.
  • The Oldsmobile Aurora fuel pressure gauge indicates that there is not enough fuel getting to the engine.
  • The car loses power when the vehicle climbs a hill or carries a heavy load.
  • The Oldsmobile accelerates out of nowhere like the gas pedal was pressed harder.
  • The Aurora shows a decrease in gas mileage with no change in driving conditions.
  • The Oldsmobile Aurora will not start.
What are the steps in replacing Aurora pumps?
  1. Remove the negative battery cable and gas cap.
  2. Find the fuel pressure valve in the engine area.
  3. Bleed the fuel valve into a container to drain the fuel and relieve the pressure in the fuel system.
  4. Siphon gas from the fuel tank to 1/8 of a tank.
  5. Remove all items from the trunk, the trunk liner, and spare tire and jack. The fuel tank access is near the back seat. Remove the screws to get to the cover.
  6. Unhook and label fuel lines.
  7. Unhook the electrical system.
  8. Remove the locking ring and assembly.
  9. Clean the area, install the new assembly, and reattach the parts to the vehicle in opposite order.