Cadillac DeVille Fuel Pumps

The Cadillac DeVille is a sedan that has been in production since 1958 until the Cadillac DTS replaced it years later in 2005. This vehicle, like many others, requires the use of a fuel pump in its engine. Cadillac installed a fuel pump on this car that is designed to last.

What is a fuel pump?

A fuel pump is a part installed in most cars to facilitate fuel transfer. Fuel pumps come in two broad categories: mechanical fuel pumps and electrical fuel pumps. Mechanical pumps were used in much earlier models of the Cadillac DeVille sedan due to technological limitations at that time. In most contemporary vehicles, including the updated models of the Cadillac DeVille, electric fuel pumps are used for their enhanced efficiency.

How do mechanical fuel pumps work?

Mechanical fuel pumps are similar in design and function to piston pumps. These devices utilize pressure as the force used for transferring fuel. When the fuel pump is empty, a vacuum is created and causes atmospheric pressure to push fuel from the fuel tank to fill this vacuum. The force acts only in one direction, toward the car’s internal combustion engine. Once all the fuel is forced out, a spring that exists in the pump pulls the piston back to its original position, again creating a vacuum. However, this design was used in much earlier car models and was only suitable for driving short distances.

How do electrical fuel pumps work?

Electrical fuel pumps have been put to use in most models of the Cadillac DeVille sedan. They are more complex in design and offer more functionality when compared to the mechanical type. They can further be classified into two categories: fuel pumps located inside the fuel tank and fuel pumps installed outside the fuel tank. Some automobiles have both types installed for diversity reasons. Fuel pumps located inside the fuel tank provide lubrication and take advantage of the fuels cooling effect.

Do fuel pumps require replacement?

Like most auto spares, the fuel pump of a DeVille has a lifespan. This lifespan is based on factors such as the number of miles driven and fuel levels. As mentioned earlier, one type of electrical fuel pump is installed on the inside of the fuel tank, which aids in lubrication and cooling. Therefore, in a vehicle whose fuel tank is often empty, this functionality is diminished and the fuel pump wears out at a faster rate.

How do you know the fuel pump requires replacement?

It is always good practice to have a car mechanic examine your car from time to time, especially after the sedan has traveled for long distances. However, it is also possible for the user to detect abnormal noises coming from the Cadillac DeVille. This is a tell-tale sign of a faulty pump.