French Connection

French Connection

Find Great French Connection Styles for You

French Connection is a fashion accessory and apparel brand that operates on a global scale from its base in the United Kingdom. They craft a variety of clothing and accessories for both men and women. You may be able to find items or styles that suit your needs by browsing their line of products on eBay.

What size categories can you choose from?

French Connection offers several sizes of their clothing lines to suit a variety of needs. You can shop for their products using search parameters that list items in your size. You can also see the manufacturers site for more details on size variations. Some common sizes you might during your search include:

  • Juniors - This category is useful when shopping for young women. The size designations have odd numbers.
  • Petites - Petite apparel is intended for women that are shorter than an average height of approximately 165 centimeters.
  • Regular - This size is designed to fit men and women of average build and height, but it can vary from person to person.
  • Plus - This size may be right for you if you are taller than the average person.
Can you choose attire made from various materials?

French Connection uses several base materials for clothing. If you are partial to a particular material, you may wish to use eBays category refinements to view all apparel made from that material. Some common options you might find include:

  • Cotton - The fabric may be 100% cotton or a blend of cotton mixed with other materials.
  • Silk - This is a smooth, natural fiber that many insects produce. French Connection weaves it into textiles for their fashion lines.
  • Corduroy - Corduroy is a more rigid form of velvet that features tufted cords with channels in between each cord.
  • Wool - This material comes from sheep and may be 100% pure, a blend that includes other materials, or tanned shearling skin with the wool left intact.
Does French Connection offer both new and used clothes?

You can find some used French Connection products on the eBay page. These items may look and function like new clothes while being more affordable. You may also find new apparel with factory defects. Often, such defects are minor and do not compromise the integrity of the material. The company may sell these items at a discount.

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