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Ford Car and Truck Interior Trims

The interior of Ford trucks and cars offer a variety of features designed for function, looks, and safety. From advanced electronics that allow for a better view while driving your car to multiple drink holders in your pickup, Ford automobiles contain standard and optional features based on the make and model of the vehicle. A full range of interior accessories and parts are available to repair or upgrade the interior of Ford cars and trucks.

How do you replace a door sill on a truck?

Replacing door sills on most trucks, including Fords, requires only a few simple steps to complete. Make sure to refer to any installation instructions included with the product as well as a repair manual that is specific to your truck to discover any extra steps or precautions that you will need to take. Follow these general guidelines to replace a sill on a truck:

  • Slowly remove the sill trim by popping out the plastic pins that hold it in place.
  • Remove the stock door sill by slowly peeling it away from where it is installed.
  • Use an adhesive remover to clean the glue residue and other debris that has built up.
  • Remove the adhesive cover from the back of the sill and secure it to the desired location.
  • Push the original trim into place, securing it with the plastic pins.
Is OEM floor lining available for Ford truck interiors?

OEM floor lining for trucks is available, including for vehicles produced by Ford. Tray-style floor mat lining sets molded to fit a specific truck make and production year can be purchased, in both three and four piece sets. OEM and aftermarket floor mats are also available with various logos and tread patterns for replacements or upgrades. Cut-to-fit mats are another option you can choose for your truck. Hardware that is used to secure mats in place is also available.

What glovebox parts are available for a 2013 Explorer Limited?

The glove box assembly, as well as glovebox hardware, is available for the 2013 Ford Explorer Limited V6 3.5 model. The assembly bumper, assembly molding, latch, and latch screw are separate components that can be purchased individually or as part of a box assembly that includes the glove compartment. The check strap, check strap screw, check strap retainer, lamp switch and wire assembly, and lock cylinder are available as individual components.