Equipamentos de Pebolim

Foosball Equipment

Foosball is a table-top game that closely resembles soccer. The table incorporates equipment such as men, balls, and the foosball table bearings. These may have to be replaced, so it is important to learn about the equipment before you start shopping.

What equipment and parts are used?
  • The men- The figures used to play the game can break and will have to be replaced. You can buy a whole set or a single player.
  • Foosball table rods- The foosball table rods have a significant effect on your speed and performance. They should always be hollow and light. The best foosball tables are made with chrome rods to provide superior ball control.
  • Foosball table bearings- These are the parts where the rods go through. Your foosball table should have quality bearings to reduce friction when pushing the rods through the table.
  • Balls- The balls you purchase will affect your playing style. You should search for balls that are easy to control.
  • Foosball table bumpers- These are meant to prevent the players from reaching the edge of the foosball table. The best table bumpers are made of rubber and are typically black.
  • Foosball table legs- The table needs to have sturdy legs. Otherwise, it will be shaky when the game gets intense. You can also find a table with adjustable legs so that you can stabilize it on uneven grounds.
How do you buy the men?

When buying the foosball table, it is essential to check the men. Here are the two most important aspects of foosball men:

  • The toes- The players’ toes should have a cross-hatching grip design. This pattern helps you control the ball better. The design is especially important if you intend to use the foosball table for expert-level games.
  • Counter-balanced foosball players- The players should have equal weight on the head and toe. This construction allows the men to balance horizontally instead of rotating and stopping at a vertical position. This feature also increases the force in your shots.
What types of foosball tables are available?
  • Stand-alone foosball table- These tables are usually made of high-quality wood and are typically very heavy. The table-top is attached to the legs. With this design, the table cannot be moved frequently. Expert players commonly use stand-alone foosball tables.
  • Table-top- These foosball tables are very light and are meant to be carried around. They are also a lot smaller than stand-alone foosball tables. You can place these table-tops on any surface.
  • Multi-game foosball table- These foosball tables are designed with different surfaces that can be slipped onto the table. This way, the same table can be used to play multiple table-top games. The additional games may include table tennis, glide hockey, and chess. Multi-game foosball tables come in stand-alone and table-top versions.
What else should you consider when shopping for foosball tables?

First, consider the size of the foosball table. A full-size foosball table measures 56 by 30 inches. This is the ideal size for a competitive game. Next, consider the material used to make the table. Sturdy, high-quality wood is preferred, especially for expert-level games. Lastly, the appearance of the table will depend on your preference. Aesthetic appeal is essential, particularly if you want to place it in your house.