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Floor Mats and Carpets for Scion xB

If you drive the stylish and sleek Scion xB, youll want to keep its interior as clean as possible, even when your feet are muddy. Luckily, its easy to find a floor mat or carpet that perfectly fits the floor space in your Scion xB. Whether you choose the comfort of plush carpet or a durable, easy-to-clean rubber mat, youll be taking good care of your vehicle and helping to keep it in good shape for years to come.

What types of floor mats are available for Scion xB?
  • All-weather floor mats: For strong, waterproof, stain-proof protection, consider all-weather mats for your car. These mats are generally made of rubber, which is incredibly tough and easy to clean. There are also all-weather mats that are made of part polyester, which is a lighter material that still stops water and other material from damaging your flooring. The greatest advantage of these weatherproof mats is that they trap dirt and liquid, avoiding stains or spills, and are exceptionally easy to clean. They also dry quickly, making them a great choice for drivers who live in rainy or snowy environments.
  • Carpet floor mats: For luxurious comfort and an opulent look, its hard to beat plush, carpeted floor mats. Since they absorb spills, they often look clean and neat.
  • OEM floor mats: If youre a traditionalist, you may prefer an OEM floor mat that fits your Scion xBs interior perfectly. OEM stands for "original equipment from the manufacturer," meaning youll have a set of original Scion xB floor mats. The best thing about an OEM product is that you can be sure it fits exactly as designed, avoiding any possible gaps in protection.
How do you clean Scion xB floor mats?

No matter what material theyre made out of, its important that you regularly clean your Scion xB floor mats. To do so, first, take them out of your vehicle. Lift them carefully so that you dont spill anything onto the cars interior. Vacuum them thoroughly to remove surface dirt and debris before washing them.

  • How to wash rubber floor mats: Hose down all parts of the rubber mats, taking care to clean out the grooves. For stains and odors, scrub them with a mixture of laundry soap, baking soda, and water. Rinse thoroughly with the hose.
  • How to wash cloth floor mats: Apply baking soda to treat stains and odors. Then, wash with diluted laundry detergent and rinse well. Alternatively, you can place your cloth floor mats in a washing machine on the heavy duty cycle and launder with regular detergent. After washing your mats, dry them thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew.