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Floor Mats and Carpets for Bentley Azure

The Bentley Azure began production in 1995 as a convertible version of the Continental R model. Two generations were produced by the Italian auto manufacturer with the last one produced for the 2010 model year. There are several options if you need to replace your floor mats and carpets for Bentley Azure.

Can you upgrade Azure floor mats and carpets?

The Bentley Azure was designed as a luxury car and as a result, luxury floor mats and carpets have been designed that allow you to customize the look. Of course, there are the standard all-weather rubber ones as well as floor hugging mats that are guaranteed not to slip. There are also double thickness pile carpets that are twice as lofty as the OEM floor mats and carpets.

Choosing clear floor mats is another option that allows you to see the beauty of the carpet underneath yet protect it. There are also designer floor mats that are made from hand weaved coconut husks, lamb’s wool floor mat sets that have one-inch wool on a genuine sheepskin, and many more luxury options for floor mats and carpets.

How do you find a match for Bentley floor mats?

If you want an exact match for your Bentley Azure floor mats, the only way to find the original color is to find OEM floor mats. These parts are made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer and come in the original colors. You can also choose colors that match or complement any original interior color. Bentley Azure interior colors offer a wide selection including beige, blue, burgundy, dark brown, green, gray, and other classic colors. There are also a variety of colors in leather as well. Although the colors offered changed from model year to year, with a little bit of research, you may be able to find an appropriate floor mat or carpet for your Bentley Azure.

What do you do if your floor mats get wet?

One of the top features of the Bentley Azure is that it is a convertible, which allows you to enjoy the elements. However, one of the drawbacks of the convertible is the possibility that your floor mats and carpets may get wet if you accidentally leave the top down when it rains. If this happens to you, it is important to get as much water out as quickly as possible. Taking it to a car wash that has a wet vacuum is one option for removing most of the water. Also, depending on the material, most vehicle carpets can be cleaned with standard rug shampoo for the home.

If you have all-weather floor mats, then you should remove them, dry them off, and not replace them until the rest of the carpet is completely dry. It is also important to allow the carpets to dry in the open air as much as possible, regardless if it is in a protected garage, to prevent mold or mildew from forming.