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Fel-Pro Car and Truck Cylinder Head and Valve Cover Gaskets

Fel-Pro aims to produce quality sealing products to get your steel singing again. Unobtrusive parts like head gaskets are easy to overlook, but a blown gasket can wreak havoc on your engine block. There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for Fel-Pro head gaskets and other related parts for your vehicle.

What is the function of a gasket?

A gasket is a type of seal that fills the space between two or more solid mating surfaces. These parts are designed to keep fluid in or out of a system under compression. In an automobile, gaskets serve the vital role of preventing leaks of oil or other fluids which are under pressure and can cause serious detrimental effects if allowed to escape the pressurized system.

How do you install a new valve cover gasket?

Installing one of these flexible seals is a simple process that will require a torque wrench to complete. After allowing your car to cool, clear away any model-specific components that may be obscuring your work environment and remove the valve cover. Most covers are constructed from lightweight aluminum and often have a groove that clearly fits the gasket. First, you should remove the old seal and replace after thoroughly cleaning the contact area. Next, apply silicone if necessary and replace the cover, tightening connecting bolts to your service manual’s specification.

What are the symptoms of a bad head gasket?

Contemporary engine blocks consist of a four-stroke design, making use of three different liquids that should never come into contact with each other: combustible air fuel, coolant, and motor oil. Head gaskets make sure these fluids don’t interact so that a vehicle can keep functioning smoothly. Signs of a faulty head gasket that needs immediate replacement include:

  • Misfire due to leakage of compression
  • Leakage of coolant into the oil compartment
  • Coolant found on or around a spark plug
  • Overheating of the engine block
How do you replace a blown head gasket?

After disconnecting the battery, completely drain the engine oil and coolant. Then, carefully remove all the components from the cylinder head, making sure not to lose any fasteners. Thoroughly clean the engine block, checking for any damage. Then clean any steel bolts or fastener threads and spray your new head gasket with sealant to begin the reassembly process. Finally, reattach the new head gasket and replace and fasten the cylinder head.

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