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Infiniti FX35 Car and Truck Exterior Mouldings and Trim

Manufactured from 2003 to 2017, the Infinity FX35 is a midsize crossover vehicle with the benefits of a full-size SUV and the style of a luxury sedan. There are many premium Infiniti FX35 car and truck exterior mouldings and trims to choose from, many of which are easy to install.

What exterior mouldings and trim are there for Infiniti FX35?

The breadth of exterior trims and mouldings extends from windows to running boards and bumper to bumper. They come in materials like chrome, plastic, and PVC; there are even faux wood panels for fenders and doors. You can also find accessories like push pin bumper fender clips. Some options include:

  • Weather-proof window and door trim
  • Chrome door handles and mirror covers
  • Metallic side body moulding
  • Emblems, lettering, and designs
Can Infiniti mouldings and trim be used on other vehicles?

Many automotive trims are quite user-friendly. Other than fittings for parts with brand-specific shapes like door handles, exterior lights, and bumpers, many of the mouldings and accessories are universal. This means theyll fit on virtually any make or model. Items like chrome or black mouldings come in rolls of up to 100 feet long, and in various widths and finishes.

How do you install mouldings on the Infinity FX35’s exterior?

If you have a roll of universal moulding, its usually self-adhesive, backed with tape. It is the same with some larger parts like protective rocker-panel or truck bed moulding. You simply measure how much you need, cut it, remove the wax paper backing, and press into place. For parts that are made to be permanent or to fit specific components, a few simple tools are all thats needed.

Do Infiniti FX35 trim and mouldings require any additional care?

You should take as much care with your metallic mouldings as you do with the rest of your cars body. That means using a mild soap and water to wash them and non-abrasive, micro-fiber cloths to avoid scratches. With rubber or plastic parts, you need to be careful not to let them become dried and cracked. Here are some guidelines to protect your investment and keep your vehicle looking good:

  • Wipe off any cleaners or chemicals after using to avoid staining or degradation.
  • Apply a UV protectant thats made for rubber or plastic moulding.
  • Use a dressing or dye to rejuvenate rubber or plastic seals that have begun to fade.
  • Replace any accessories that have begun to peel or fade.
Can you remove Infiniti FX35 adhesive trim?

Yes, it just takes a few steps and a little elbow grease. The whole car body should be as warm as possible, so do the work in a garage if the weather is cold.

  • Heat one end of the strip until it lifts off easily.
  • Continue to move and pull with one hand as you go until it is completely removed.
  • Polish and buff the area to remove any traces of adhesive.
  • Wash and dry the car, and then polish it to finish the job.