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Exterior Mirrors for Pontiac Grand Am

Pontiac Grand Am exterior mirrors come in many different styles with a variety of features, composed of a combination of plastic, metal, and glass. Having properly functioning exterior mirrors is important for operating the vehicle. With a wide selection of side view mirrors, you can find something for your particular model of Gran Am.

What kinds of Grand Am mirrors are there?

There are many kinds of Pontiac Grand Am exterior mirrors you can find. To be sure your replacement side mirror fits, keep the following features in mind:

  • Driver side and passenger mirrors: Grand Am driver side exterior mirrors sit on the left side of the Pontiac Grand Am, whereas passenger side mirrors sit on the right side. As a product of placement, the mirrors must be opposite images of each other.
  • Heated mirrors:Heated Pontiac Grand Am mirrors defrost and defog because of a control on the drivers side door or in the Pontiacs dashboard. Non-heated mirrors can be defrosted by simply turning on the vehicle in cold weather to let it warm up.
  • Expandable mirrors: Grand Am expandable mirrors have a hinge near the car body to let the mirror swing toward the vehicle. The mirror folds in half to take up less space. Stationary mirrors stay extended, which reduces the need for readjustment.
  • Manual and power mirrors:Grand Am manually adjusted mirrors allow you to press on them to adjust the angle up, down, left, and right. Power adjusted mirrors mean that the Pontiac has controls in the drivers area to change the mirrors angle.
  • Coated mirrors: Coated mirrors have an anti-glare shield so that direct sunlight hitting the exterior mirror is less harsh. This keeps your side mirrors from blinding you while you drive.
What materials are Grand Am mirrors made from?

Grand Am exterior mirrors are made from durable plastic and metal on the outside. This surrounds the reflective glass portion of the mirror. The reflective glass is often delicate, which is why the plastic and metal encase it. Oftentimes, the cover around the mirror slightly overhangs it so that the edges protrude.

How do you clean Grand Am exterior mirrors?

Exterior mirrors are typically cleaned with warm water and soap. Apply this mixture with a soft sponge and rub the mirror until it is clean. Rinse Grand Am mirrors with clean water and dry them carefully with another soft cloth. Any hard water stains can be removed with a mixture of baking powder and vinegar. Apply the paste to the mirror and rinse it off after it dries.