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Exterior Mirrors for Lexus IS250

The Lexus IS250 was first manufactured in 1999 across North America. An impact, collision, or normal wear and tear may necessitate you to replace the exterior mirrors on your Lexus IS250. Luckily, with a wide selection of exterior mirrors for Lexus IS250, you can find the right replacements for your specific model.

What are the features of Lexus IS250 exterior mirrors?
  • Powered angle adjustment: The mirrors allow you to adjust their angle by pushing a four-way control button on the interior side of the door. The interior powered adjustment button allows you to move the arm outward or inward from the door and to tilt the glass up or down.
  • Heated assembly for melting ice and snow: An automatic heating element behind the mirrored glass allows you to melt frozen precipitation when driving in cold weather or when your Lexus has been parked outside and gotten covered with ice or snow. The automatic heating element also helps to dissipate condensation on the vehicles mirrors.
  • Integrated puddle lights and dimming unit: The back side of the housing of some exterior mirrors features an integrated puddle light. These lights can be turned on at full power or dimmed. The Lexuss puddle lights function to illuminate the pavement or ground around the front of your vehicle, such as if you have dropped your keys on the ground.
How do you choose Lexus IS250 exterior mirrors?
  • Select the model year of your Lexus sedan: Select the model year of your Lexus. Different model years and trim levels of the IS250 have different sizes and colors of mirrors, housing, and arms.
  • Choose the placement on the vehicle: Select a mirror for the front drivers side or the front passengers side of your Lexus vehicle.
  • Select a manufacturer for the parts: You can select Lexus as the original equipment manufacturer of the mirror assemblies, mirror glass, frames, and mounting arms for your vehicle. There are also mirror assemblies, glass, and mirror arms made by after-market, private label, and unbranded manufacturers.
Are there extra features for the driver’s side mirror?

The drivers side mirror may feature blind spot enhancement so you can see other vehicles that are near your Lexus. There are also passengers side wing mirrors, which the driver may use for parallel parking, passing, and other side and back viewing needs. You may also consider or supplemental blind spot mirrors. These exterior mirrors help you to see around the rear side and blind spot of your Lexus when backing up out of a parking spot, changing lanes, or passing another car on the road.