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Exhaust Pipes and Tips for Mazda 626

If something goes wrong with the exhaust, this can drastically affect the efficiency of your car. As one of the most visible parts of your car, a well-maintained system improves your Mazdas appearance and environmental impact. Replacement exhaust pipes and tips can let you repair your Mazda and maybe add some color at the same time.

How do Mazda 626 exhaust systems work?

The Mazda 626 uses the most common exhaust type: a single exit, rear exhaust system. This system consists of multiple stainless steel exhaust pipes. Gaskets connect and seal the pieces while they route fumes from your engine to the back of the car. Along the way, fumes pass multiple checkpoints to remove harmful contaminants and reduce noise. Here are the part types youll find and what they mean.

  • Manifold: This part connects the engine to the catalytic converter. One end is curved upward toward the engine and the rest is straight. You can replace the curving and straight sides separately or as a whole.
  • Flex: This middle pipe leads between the catalytic converter and the muffler. This long, thin pipe has carefully designed twists in order to match the underside of your vehicle. This part must be designed specifically for your Mazda 626 exhaust.
  • Exhaust tips: Also known as the tailpipe, the exhaust tip refers to the part of the exhaust you can see. Exhaust tips receive fumes from the muffler and send them out the back. Because exhaust tips are exposed to open air, they can wear down over time. Designed to be easy to replace, you can remove exhaust tips without affecting the rest of your exhaust assembly.
How can you find replacement Mazda 626 parts?

If you need to repair, replace, or upgrade your Mazdas exhaust, here are the key points to keep in mind.

  • Year and model Type: Mazda has used the 626 model number for a broad variety of vehicles across several decades. Replacement parts including tips must match the year and build of your model. Because they run along the undercarriage, pipe sizes and shapes differ depending on the precise size and shape of your vehicle.
  • Parts needed: Depending on your needs, you can choose individual pieces or a kit. In general, kits will include all the fastenings and pieces you need, including exhaust tips. If you only need one part of the exhaust, however, you can also find them individually.
  • Custom detailing: Changing out the exhaust tip can be a great way to add some character to your car. By design, Mazda 626 tips are easy to customize and replace even if the exhaust tips dont need repair. For this purpose, you just need to make sure that the exhaust tip fits the exhaust pipe diameter of your model. Mazda 626 stainless steel exhaust tips come unpainted from the factory, but you can always change this later.