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Make Home Movies and Amateur Films with a Vintage Eumig 8mm Camera

Long before video existed, traditional film stock with sprocket holes served as the way to capture moving images. Vintage Eumig 8mm and Super 8mm can still be used in place of video for those who enjoy shooting on the old photographic film stock.

What are some of the types of Eumig models?

A variety of different models were produced. Each came with distinct features. Often, the various cameras significantly distinguished themselves from one another through differences in format and audio capabilities. Like video counterparts, some may be suited for home movies while others could be used to shoot amateur film features.

Here are some of the company's models:

  • C5 8mm
  • C6 8mm
  • S128XL Super 8 Sound
  • S2 8mm
  • S3 8mm
How are the Eumig models powered?

The vintage 8mm models rely on battery power. AA batteries were often used as the power source for various Eumig handhelds. Be sure to check the exact number of batteries required to power a particular model number. One model requires four in order to operate.

What are the features associated with the Eumig S3?

The S3 distinguishes itself thanks to a few clear features that give the filmmaker a bit of flexibility when using the camera.

Some features include:

  • Zoom: Eumigon zoom f/1.8 lenses on the S3s bring subject matter up-close in the viewfinder. In a manner similar to a video zoom, the 8mm zoom lens allows taking a long shot and converting it into a medium shot, medium close-up, close-up, or extreme close-up. Zoomed images can be filmed as long as there is adequate light.
  • Light meter: The light meter allows the filmmaker to determine if the current level of light coincides with the desired exposure.
  • Handheld grip: While the camera, like a modern video camera, can also be attached to a tripod, some filming requires handheld shots. A hand grip allows for better stability when shooting handheld footage. The large handle helps maintain a stronger grip.
  • Metal construction: Numerous components of the S3 are made from metal. This adds a layer of durability to the construction of the cameral.
What is a three-lens turret used by Eumigon ?

A film camera with a three-lens turret is one with three separate lenses. Unlike video cameras, not every one of these models has just one built-in adjustable lens. In some models, three separate lenses are mounted on a pivoting dial called a turret. Each of lenses provides a different view of the film's subject. Standard, wide-angle, and zoom lens are available as a combination. In order to switch from one lens to another, the filmmaker manually twists the turret until the desired lens is in the proper position and then locks the lens into place.