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Dynaco Vintage Speakers

Capture a Vintage Sound with Dynaco Speakers

The 60s and 70s were a prominent time for Dynaco speakers. The companys manufacturing of loud speakers provided the world with a classic texture that can only be found in these restorations. Those tones come from solid state construction and a few tube warmers; the decision is yours, and many options are available in this large eBay collection.

Are Dynaco speakers portable?

These speakers are portable and great for spaces that you can customize. Theres a specific intent behind your sound system, and space is brought into that equation. The portability of vintage Dynaco gives you the right flexibility to make home entertaining something special and classic. Consider jazz or modern music for your output to these speakers. They are just as effective when placed at ground level as when raised to special mounts in the ceiling. Electrical connections are pivotal to making this portability possible, so youre provided with enough wiring to space out the components of each speaker. Being portable means that you can connect and disconnect speakers for use in another space or for temporary use outside.

Whats an easy way to increase volume?

The simplest way to increase the volume of an audio signal is to send it through a loudspeaker. Many assemblies use a special electrical philosophy to capture sound, preserve it, and then project it with clarity and power. Sound quality is important, but the revolution that is a loudspeaker is that it increases the volume of sound. Heres a quick look at the technology that provides Dynaco with volume that wont distort when you turn it up:

  • Magnetic frequencies - A magnetic field is generated within the speakers. Sound is sent through as a signal and is then captured as a magnetic force. That force is sent into the speakers cone to get thrust outward as to reach our ears.
  • Diaphragms - A diaphragm changes based on the sound it receives thus pushing its surface in and out as it harmonizes.
  • Speaker sets - Multi-sets come as a combination package with a wide spectrum of tones. These variances are helpful in managing volume or peaking the threshold.
How can high pitches be lowered?

Look closely to the performance specs of the models you have your eyes on. The mixing and matching of different speakers will alter high pitches versus lower tones. Connecting these speakers to a mixer provides you with a wider set of controls to lower high pitches or to raise them up.

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