Dual-core 2 Soquete 939 Processadores de Computador

Frequently Asked Questions About Dual-Core Socket 939 Processors

A CPU is designed to process data and is mounted on a single chip. A dual-core processor like the ones that fit the 939 socket has an additional processing unit referred to as a core. When selecting a chip for your motherboard, you will want to select the correct socket.

How do you select a CPU?

The selection process should include:

  • Gather motherboard information: You will want to know the socket information of the motherboard to make sure that it can support socket 939 types. This will also affect what kind of RAM and cooling options are available.
  • Select a CPU type: There are several types of models that are compatible with this 939 types that are produced by AMD.
  • Choose a bus speed: This value will be measured in MHz and controls how much data can be moved across the bus at a given time.
  • Select a clock speed: This value will either be measured in megahertz or gigahertz depending on the speed of the chip. This value factors into the chip’s processing power.

What are some features of a Dual-Core Socket 939?

These dual-core chips will have a frequency between 1.8 up to 3GHz and fall under frequencies between 3000+ and 4800+. These chips can handle dual channel DDR memory and support DDR-200 and DDR-400 DIMMs. This type is designed for desktop microprocessors and is a type of PGA socket.

What are HE and EE processors?

HE chips refer to highly efficient models. This type is a 55-watt design that has a typical voltage of 1.3V. This chip is designed for systems where lower power consumption is needed. HE chips are available in 2.0GHz speeds.EE chips refer to energy efficient chips. These operate at 30-watt power levels and are available at 1.4 gigahertz speeds.

What types of Socket 939 processors are available?

There many available Socket 939 processors, including:

  • Athlon X2: This type has a TDP of 45 watts. The clock rate of this chip is between 1900 MHz and 2600 MHz. The L1 Cache has 64KB for the data and 64KB for the data instructions per core.
  • Turion II: This chip has clock speeds between 2.2 to 2.6GHz. The L2 cache provides 512KB per core for a total of 1MB.
  • Opteron: This type is used in servers and workstations. The L2 Cache has 1MB and the two core option operates at 2.2 gigahertz.
  • Athlon 64 X2: This chip is a native dual-core CPU for desktop computers. This type shares a dual-channel memory controller, and each core has either 512 or 1024KB in the L2 Cache. The clock rate is between 2000MHz and 2400MHz.
  • Athlon II: This chip has 1MB of L2 Cache per core and consists of two AMD K10 cores. The memory controller can handle both DDR2 and DDR3 types of memory and has a TDP of 25-65 watts.

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