Dolls by Brand, Company & Character

Dolls by Brand, Company or Character

Just as the human race is represented by various skin colors, various cultures, lifestyles, and other assorted demographics, dolls follow in the same manner. Dolls are designed to emanate the various characteristics that real people may have in real life or in the fictional paradigm. Manufacturers and companies have created such "clones" or characters for their customers and offer a fun hobby or activity for children, collectors, and adults who enjoy having these little characters around.

Why are doll choices categorized by brand, company, and character?

Shopping for dolls as a gift or for yourself offers a world of options. Customers, collectors and youngsters alike, may look for particular brands of dolls, which simply means the dolls are similar in image and in personality. Other people might look for a brand, buying only from certain companies that manufacture dolls. So the dolls will vary in character, but they are all manufactured by the same company. For example, the Mattel brand is famous for Barbie and Ken dolls, but they make other dolls as well, such as the Justice League dolls like Batman or Wonder Woman. Hence, a consumer may choose to collect only Barbie dolls, or they may have a collection made solely by the Mattel company, which would include other personae.

What are some types of dolls that are available?

Doll collecting is a hobby where consumers pursue certain preferences for their set. Some customers opt to obtain dolls that are manufactured and marketed by certain designers. Following are some examples:

  • The American Girl brand creates dolls that can mimic the skin tone, hair color, and styles of your little girl. They make a wonderful "best friend" with their similarities of their new owner and often appear to emanate their personalities.
  • Madame Alexander dolls offer their customers elegance and color choices suitable for any virtual fashion runway.
  • The Mattel brand offers their variations on the Barbie doll, which are available with their individual careers and fashion statements They also offer fun lines like Monster High.
  • Cabbage Patch offers soft, pudgy, and cuddly buddies. Both male and female models are available from the brand.
  • Bratz dolls are queens of the teen scene and its love of fashion.
  • The curvy Betty Boop model continues to be produced by many doll manufacturers. She originated in 1930 as a "Dizzy Dishes" cartoon persona. This doll was first designed by Joseph Kallus of Cameo. Her iconically large head is as memorable as the red and flamboyant outfits that she wears.
What are some typical characteristics available in character dolls?
  • Traits that create and match that of the owner.
  • Unique and sometimes outlandish and personalities.
  • Personality and biological mimicry, such as those that cry, nurse a bottle, or wet.
  • Contemporary "rag dolls" that have been made 21st century, such as Xavier Roberts Cabbage Patch dolls.