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Dog Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are treats for your dog. When you want to give them chews that present no choking hazards, you can explore these sticks in a few different varieties. Your dog will love it, regardless of whether it is a puppy or a full-grown dog.

What is a bully stick?

A bully stick is similar to rawhide in that it can last hours or days, depending on the chewing nature of your dog. It is made from bull pizzle, which is 100% beef and made of only one ingredient. The chew serves as a treat that dogs of any size can easily digest. The chews are high in protein, too.

What size treats are available?

The size of the chews you need varies based on the size of the dog. Bully sticks are generally available in sizes anywhere between 5 and 12 inches in length. Additionally, some brands provide a thicker version of the dog treats. Consider both the length and circumference of the treat when purchasing them for your dog. Generally, smaller pups require thinner, shorter chews than larger dogs.

What should you look for in bully sticks?

You will find that there are many things to look for in quality bully sticks. When you want to give your dog chews, be sure you take the time to review what is in the bull pizzle. Typically, bully sticks are:

  • USA-made: Brands that are manufactured in the USA are manufactured to USDA specifications.
  • USDA-approved: If the treats are USDA-approved, they have gone through added testing to ensure their safety and quality.
  • Natural: Most bully sticks are 100% natural. However, some will add additional ingredients.
  • Odorless: Many of the bully sticks have been processed so that they have no odor. This is advantageous if you don't want your pet's breath to take on a certain food odor.
How do you choose a bully stick for your dog?

Bully sticks give your dog something to chew on. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when buying them. The following are a few of the elements to review when comparing chews:

  • Your dog's life stage: Determine whether the bully sticks are for a puppy or adult.
  • Dog size: Look at the size of your dog to choose the approrpiate size of treat.
  • Brand: Different brands have different flavorings and seasonings.
  • Packaging size: Check to see how many dog treats are in a package.