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What to Know About DisplayPort HDMI Male Cables

Having a large screen or monitor with which to display your computer's content can be useful for both business and pleasure. At the same time, getting that content from your device to the screen can be a challenge without the right cable. If your computer is equipped with a high-speed DisplayPort output, a DisplayPort to HDMI male cable will help you see the big picture.

What types of DisplayPort male HDMI cables are available?

Depending on your specific device and application, there is a variety of different high-speed DisplayPort to HDMI cables available. Here are a few types of connectors from which you can choose:

  • DisplayPort Female: If you already own a DisplayPort cable, you can utilize a DisplayPort Female to HDMI male adapter so you can utilize your existing cable and still connect your device to a monitor or other external display.
  • High-Resolution: Considering the high-resolution displays that are available, such as HD, 4K, and even 8K, there are adapters suited to these higher resolutions as well as the more common 1080P HDMI cable.
  • Multi-Link: These connectors offer multiple display input options to allow you to connect a variety of equipment. Standards such as VGA, mini HDMI, USB, and others are available alongside the DisplayPort cable input.
How do you select a DisplayPort to HDMI cable?

To ensure you're ready to display your content when you need it, it's important to select the correct DisplayPort to HDMI cable for your needs. Here are some things to consider:

  • Length: Ensure you're selecting an HDMI cable that's long enough for the normal purposes you use your computer and display. In addition, if you expect guest presenters such as in a business setup, it's important to select a cable that's long enough for any needs they may have, including a connector for their device.
  • Color: DisplayPort cables come in a variety of colors to match nearly any computer case. For a clean look, you may consider selecting one that matches your computer, monitor, or your decor.
  • Shielding: If you live or work in an environment that may have high levels of electronic interference, it's important to select a cable that has a high level of shielding to help prevent this interference.
What are the specifications of the DisplayPort standard?

To understand if DisplayPort is the correct connector for your particular needs, it's important to understand the specifications that a DisplayPort cable operates under:

  • Audio: In addition to video, a DisplayPort cable can carry 1-8 channels of 16 or 24-bit audio.
  • Bitrate: A DisplayPort cable is rated to carry up to four "lanes" of data at once. A 4-lane bitrate is 1.7Gbps, a 2-lane is 5.4 or 2.7Gbps, and a 1-lane is 8.1Gbps.