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Delta Power Tools

Delta power tools are comprised of woodworking cutting tools from saws and drilling machines to lathes. Herbert Tautz founded Delta Machinery in his garage in 1919. The company is based in South Carolina.

What types of saws does Delta Machinery produce?

Delta Machinery manufactures band saws, miter saws, scroll saws, and table saws.

  • A table saw consists of a circular blade that protrudes at a 90-degree angle from a platform. Used to make a variety of different cuts, the table saw has a wide table to help stabilize boards for long vertical cuts and angles. Delta offers both portable and fixed styles.
  • A scroll saw has a thin vertical blade that is used to make precise, curved cuts. You can guide the wood freehand in order to cut things like puzzle pieces or dovetail joints. The Delta scroll saw runs at variable speeds and has features like a light and dust blower.
  • A band saw is a larger version of the scroll saw. It also has a vertical blade on an adjustable platform, but different blade widths and tooth patterns are available. Band saws can cut at many angles, and they provide enough power to cut different types of materials.
  • A miter saw is a specialized tool made for cutting different angles quickly and consistently for projects like cutting window frames and crown molding. This type of saw has a circular blade on a pivoting arm that lowers onto a platform, cutting the board at the desired angle.
What’s the difference between a Delta jointer and a planer?

These machines are both used for finishing a wood surface. A Delta jointer removes wood on the edges of a board to remove imperfections and make the connections between boards more cohesive. A planer smooths out the surfaces of a board, ensuring that it is the same thickness throughout its entire length. To use a Delta planer, set the desired thickness and slide the board through the machine.

What drilling tools does Delta Machinery offer?

The Delta Machinery drill press is a woodworking tool. The head of the tool lowers the bit onto an object on a platform to create the necessary holes. A mortiser is somewhat similar to a drill press but makes square or rectangular holes instead of the traditional cylindrical holes.

What are the features of a Delta Machinery lathe?

Lathes are primarily used for carving wood and metals by holding a cylindrical-shaped object horizontally, fixed at both ends. When turned on, it spins the object while the worker uses a chisel to remove wood in a specific pattern, creating spindles and railings. Made from cast iron, this Delta tool attaches to a workbench, spins at variable speeds both forward and backward, and is built with enough power to work on large objects.

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