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Dell AMD Athlon PC Desktops and Dell OptiPlex 7010 All-In-One Computers

A Buying Guide for Dell OptiPlex 7010 All-In-One Computers

Whether you need a quality computer to use at home, school, or work, an all-in-one desktop can be just what you need to get your many tasks done better and faster. At eBay, theres a wide array of great AIO PCs with the features and functionality to help you get what you need to do done. When you shop at eBay for a quality computer, you may be able to find precisely what you need at a reasonable price.

What is an all-in-one computer?

All-in-one PCs (AIO PCs), like the OptiPlex 7010, are computers with all components within the same case as the display monitor aside from the peripheral devices like the keyboard or mouse. Since the advent of LCD monitors, AIO PCs are slimmer, smaller, and less expensive. They are easy to set up, compact, and attractive units. Often they have reduced heat and power consumption.

What Dell OptiPlex 7010 all-in-one computers are available?

At eBay, you can find a large selection of AIO computers of all kinds, including the OptiPlex 7010. Some of the computers have no operating system installed so you can install one of your choosing. Others have operating systems pre-installed like Windows 10 or Windows 7. You can select a computer with up to 8GB RAM memory and over 1TB of hard disk space for storage. The computers offer quality processor types like Intel Core i3 3rd generation, Intel Core i5 2nd generation, Intel Core i5 3rd generation, Intel Core i5 4th generation, Intel Core i7 3rd generation, Intel Core i7 6th generation, and Intel Quad Core with speeds up to 3.99 GHz. They offer useful features like Blu-ray players, onboard speakers, onboard Wi-Fi adapters, optical drives, and virtual reality readiness.

How much RAM do you need in a desktop computer?

The following guidelines below can help you determine how much RAM is needed for most PCs:

  • 4GB: The standard amount of RAM installed in most entry-level commercially produced computers. This amount of RAM is fine if youll mostly be using Windows and Chrome operating systems.
  • 8GB: A better starter level of RAM and sufficient to fully power Windows operating systems so they operate smoothly and most computer games.
  • 16GB: This is an ideal amount of RAM for professional work, heavy photo and video editing, and resource heavy high-end computers games.
  • 32GB and more: This level is not needed for common computer use but rather for enthusiasts and purpose-built workstations.

How much storage space do you need in a desktop?

Most users and non-professionals will find that 250GB to 320GB of storage is more than enough storage space. 250GB of spaces can hold over 25,000 songs or average photographs. If you plan to use the desktop for a movie collection, however, youll want more space. An upgrade to 500GB to 1TB would be advised. The larger storage types would be traditional hard drives since the majority of SSD drives max out at 256GB.

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