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Cup Holders for Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is a vehicle that combines a wagon and an SUV. Having new cup holders is important because these accessories keep your drinks from spilling while you drive and provide extra storage for the person at the wheel and passengers.

What are the parts in a cup holder?

When driving down the road in a Subaru Outback, you might not look twice at the holder. This piece actually consists of a few different parts. Knowing those parts will help you decide whether to replace one piece or the entire holder.

  • Assembly: The assembly is the piece that you do not see until you remove the cup holder from your Outback. Made from plastic, it supports the weight of all the parts on top and your drinks.
  • Insert: When you put your drink down, you put it inside the insert. This has a molded design that holds the cup in place without squeezing or breaking it. Some inserts will actually expand to accommodate larger beverages.
  • Bezel: Anything else that you see is part of the bezel. This serves as the cover to the cup holder. Depending on your Outback, it may have room for your gear shifter.
Are front and rear designs interchangeable?

Subaru makes replacements designed for use in the front or the rear. These designs are not interchangeable, though. Rear models usually have a flip-down design. You push down on a small button, which causes the holders to fold down. Using a little force pops the holders back into place. Rear designs tuck the holders up between the seats. Those designed for the front seat are larger in size and may have a built-in console. That console gives you room for change and anything else you need to carry.

What is a NOS cup holder?

NOS cup holders for the Subaru Outback are new old stock products. These products come from Subaru as well as other companies. Most come from auto shops and product suppliers that shut down in the past. NOS products typically come in their original packaging and include instructions or directions for installing one. These cup holders will fit limited edition versions of the vehicle and previous years Outback wagons. Aftermarket cup holders include those made by companies other than Subaru that will fit this vehicle. OE+, FH Group, and UU-Auto Parts all offer models for the Subaru Outback.

How important is year of production?

Though year of production isnt important when looking for rear cup holders, its important when looking for front holders. This is because the design of the Subaru Outback changed. Not all cup holders designed for all vehicles will work in all Outbacks. Some have a slide-out design with a hidden latch near the center of the dashboard and close to the radio. You push in to slide out the cup holder and then push it back into place. Others have a center cup holder that also acts like a console. These sit between the driver and passenger seats and remain permanently in place.