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Covers for Ford Crown Victoria

Ford Crown Victoria Car Covers

Ford Crown Victoria car covers come in a variety of materials with different properties. They fit differently depending on the particular components. Clean your car cover regularly for maximum protection and longevity.

What styles of Ford Crown Victoria car covers are available?

Ford car covers come in all different colors and materials to suit a wide variety of tastes. Most covers are made from different synthetic blends. Some are waterproof while others are water resistant. Some are specifically designed to keep snow from permeating the cover and may involve a special plastic coating. Covers are also designed to keep leaves, dirt, and debris from touching Ford Crown Victoria cars.

Often, car covers are made to breathe so that the vehicle underneath does not get completely stale, especially if it is covered for any extended period of time. Balancing breathability and water resistance is key and a matter of preference. Many covers are designed to fold up into compact packages so that they can be easily stored at a home base or even inside the car. This allows the Crown Victoria to stay easily protected from the elements anywhere.

How do you care for a Crown Victoria car cover?

Ford Crown Victoria car covers can be washed when they are on the car; this provides the most available surface area at once. Apply a little of your favorite all-purpose liquid cleaning agent and rub it in circles using a soft cloth or a brush with soft bristles. Once you have cleaned the entire cover, rinse it with clean water to get rid of all chemical agents. Leave the cover draped over the car or spread it outside so that it can air dry completely. Feel free to rinse the cover multiple times to ensure that you have removed all of the cleaner. Avoid dry cleaning or drying the cover with heat. This will leave the fabric intact and fitting correctly.

What sizes do Crown Victoria car covers come in?

Most car covers fit Crown Victoria models up to 19 or 22 feet. You may find that the size alters based on the amount of elastic or spandex involved in the cover and the closure. Some styles may be more adjustable than others. For example, elastic closures that fit around your Ford Crown Victoria like a fitted bed sheet may be more forgiving than those which fasten by velcro at the corners.