Cottage Bedroom Furniture Sets

Cottage Bedroom Furniture Sets

Setting up a bedroom with a cottage style can make the room seem cozy and warm. Soft touches and light colors can be welcoming, which is important for a room in which you can get some rest. You can think about your ideal layout and storage considerations while shopping for a furniture set.

What is a "cottage" style?

A cottage style can be characterized as comfortable, with natural elements and colorful accents. Some features of a cottage style bedroom set may include:

  • Color palette: The colors in a bedroom set can mimic those that you might see in a garden. Yellow, pink, green, rose, and peach colors can all be harmonious and add to the feel of the room. Often the furniture in a set is all one color, such as white, light gray, tan, or brown, and decorative elements are added.
  • Finishes: This type of furniture set can show some level of age without being too rustic. You can buy new beds, dressers, and nightstands that may have a weathered or washed wood or painted finish. It will appear as if they have some scuffs or marks on them from generations of use.
  • Materials: Bedroom sets of this style are generally made out of wood or a faux wood material. The wood may have a painted or a natural finish. You may also find some pieces made using iron and wicker. Some of the headboards and footboards might be upholstered to soften the look. Others might have beadboard, a grooved paneling that usually runs vertically but could be run horizontally.
  • Other features: A mix of curves and lines can be found in these sets. For example, if a dresser mostly has straight lines, it can be complemented with rounded feet, circular drawer pulls, and raised panels on the front or side of the piece.
How many items can come in a bedroom set?

There are various options for you to consider in terms of how many pieces to buy in a set. Many of the beds in these bedroom sets are intended to be used with queen mattresses, but there may be king and full-sized bed frames as well. Some examples of cottage bedroom furniture set include:

  • Three-piece: Some three-piece bedroom sets come with a matching headboard, dresser, and mirror. Others could come with a side table instead of the mirror.
  • Four-piece: These may come with a bed, dresser or chest, mirror, and a nightstand.
  • Five-piece: A set of this size might come with one or two nightstands, bed/headboard, dresser, mirror, and/or a chest of drawers.
  • Six-piece: A six-piece bedroom set might include all of the bedroom furniture mentioned above. Some sets of this size may offer storage and could be used in a large bedroom.
What are some brands that make cottage bedroom sets?

There are many companies that make cottage furniture for the bedroom. Some brand examples of them are:

  • Ashley Furniture
  • Coaster
  • Hickory
  • Home Styles
  • Soflex