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Coin-operated Washers and Dryers

If you’re constantly sharing your washers with tenants or your dryers with clients, you might want to consider installing a few commercial models so they won’t have to travel to do laundry. Commercial washers are designed to take on load after load, and the dryers are able to withstand high volumes of usage.

What are the benefits of having commercial laundry appliances?
  • Durable: They’re built to wash and dry multiple cycles back to back.
  • Convenience: You and your tenants won’t have to find the nearest laundromat to clean your laundry.
  • Secure: These washers and dryers are built to protect the contents of the machine.
How do coin-operated washers and dryers work?

In order to use a coin-operated dryer or washer, the user would have to insert coins or some form of payment in order to enable the machine to start and complete a cycle. All the owner needs to do is be sure to repair the machines if they break down. Repairs should be done as quickly as possible and can often be prevented with a regular maintenance schedule.

What kinds of coin-operated washers and dryers are manufactured?
  • Commercial: These heavy-duty machines are large and durable. They are big enough to take extra-large loads like bedding that includes a comforter. Commercial dryers can often dry at an extra-high heat setting for additional sanitizing.
  • Residential: These washers and dryers are more of the size and style that you find in homes. They can vary by brand, number of features, and setup (front-loader versus top loader, gas vs electric, stacking vs side-by-side, etc. )
  • Compact and all-in-one: These are small washers and dryers designed to fit into tiny places like closets. They may be configured as a small, stacking washer and dryer unit or as a single unit that can do it all.
Who can benefit from a coin-operated washer and dryer?

There are a number of businesses that may choose to add these machines to their property. This includes:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Community pools
  • Spas and gyms
  • Hotels
  • Vacation rentals
  • Laundromats
  • Campgrounds
What are the benefits of gas dryers?

When choosing a coin-operated machine, one of the considerations you need to make is whether you would like a gas dryer. If you have a propane connection or are connected to a natural gas line in the city, a gas dryer can be a smart choice. They can dry items quickly and at a hot enough temperature to sanitize items.