Practice Your Swing With Cobra Fairway Wood Golf Clubs

Cobra has been making golf clubs and other equipment for the sport since 1973. If you are in need of an upgrade to your golfing accessories or you want something to get you started, a set of Cobra fairway wood golf clubs might have what you need for a great round on the green. You can check out a broad range of inexpensive Cobra fairway wood golf clubs for sale on eBay.

Choosing the right materials for your Cobra fairway woods

Cobra fairway wood golf clubs in sets of two or more may use various materials that appeal to you or make the shafts easy for you to handle. Although these kinds of clubs are called woods, contemporary shafts and heads don't have to feature any wooden materials in their construction. Here are just a few of the choices you can find:

  • Shafts - The shafts of your affordable Cobra fairway wood golf clubs might come in aluminum, titanium, graphite, or stainless steel for a balance between weight and durability.
  • Heads - Heads on Cobra fairway woods can share some of the same materials as the shafts, but you can find some products that have additional coatings of chrome or copper as well.
How do you determine the flex for your Cobra woods?

The flex refers to the overall rigidity of your affordable Cobra fairway wood shafts. You can get Cobra fairway wood golf clubs from the King line with various ranges of flex. The flex you need can vary depending on the swing of your speed, but a faster swing can generally benefit from a more rigid shaft in most cases. Fairway woods are also usually the longest clubs you will have in your bag, and they are the ones you will typically swing the fastest when on the green. All shaft lengths are listed in US dimensions. See the manufacturer site for details. You may wish to purchase new or preowned Cobra fairway woods with a few flex specifications to meet different needs.

Getting a full set of Cobra fairway wood golf clubs

You can get affordable Cobra fairway wood golf clubs as part of a complete set on eBay. If you know the size ranges you want to have, you can look for a set that includes all the woods you might need for a game. In some cases, you can choose different colors or patterns you might like and select the loft angle of the heads for your clubs.

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