Calendários advento Natal de Chocolate

Chocolate Advent Calendars

Celebrate the days that lead up to Christmas with a festive Advent calendar. Each day, throughout the month of December, you can open up a new box, revealing a delicious chocolate candy inside. Chocolate Advent calendars make a traditional addition to the Christmas holiday season for kids of all ages, including the young at heart.

What is a chocolate Advent calendar?

An Advent calendar is a way to count down the days leading up to the Christmas holiday. Advent is the four-week season that precedes Christmas. For each day of Advent, you open up a new section of the calendar and receive a small piece of chocolate. These traditional chocolate calendars have been used to mark the lead-up to Christmas for over 100 years.

How are chocolate Advent calendars used?

  • Start on December 1st: Advent calendars are used throughout the month of December. Try to purchase your Advent calendar in advance so it's ready on the 1st. However, don't buy it too far in advance because you want the chocolate to be fresh.
  • Open a new door each day: Each small box on the Advent calendar is marked with the date on which it should be opened. Some families prefer to open their calendars at the same time each night. Some families use this time to talk more about Advent.
  • Eat the Chocolate: The chocolate is meant to be taken out of its box and eaten each night. The last chocolate candy will come on the last day of Advent, which is Christmas Eve.

What Advent calendar themes are available?

  • Santa and Mrs. Claus: Many calendars feature imagery from the iconic North Pole residence of Mr. or Mrs. Claus. Some include pictures of Santa, his toy shop, or his holiday elves. You can also find Elf on the Shelf calendars, celebrating that mischievous character.
  • Religious imagery: In keeping with the original Christmas tradition, many Advent calendars show Christian imagery. The most common choice for religious pictures is the nativity scene which includes Mary, Joseph, Jesus, shepherds, and the Three Wise Men.
  • TV Shows and Movies: Kids love seeing their favorite characters, even in Advent calendars. Parents can find calendars that feature a multitude of subjects, including:
    • Disney Princesses, including Frozen and Moana
    • Superheroes, including Marvel and DC characters
    • Characters from TV shows, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Doc McStuffins, and Sesame Street

Who invented the printed advent calendar?

The first printed chocolate Advent calendar was created in 1904 by artist Gerhard Lang. Based on slightly earlier "Christmas clocks," these Advent calendars were extremely popular in Germany in the first half of the 20th century. Chocolate Advent calendars became common in the U.S. in the 1950s, when many children began to count down to Christmas with chocolate candy.