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Charlotte Russe Heels for Women

Whether you need boots, booties, flats, sandals, or classic high heels, Charlotte Russe offers many different types of heels for women. This brand of footwear is also available in many different colors and materials that allow them to match a variety of outfits.

How do you find the right size Charlotte Russe heels?

Take careful measurements to determine your shoe size.

  • Place your foot flat on a piece of white paper. Trace your foot without moving, or have someone help you trace it.
  • Measure the outline of your foot from the top of your longest toe to the bottom of your heel. This will give you the length of your foot, which is used to determine the size.
  • Measure the width of your foot at its widest part, which is usually at the ball of your foot. This measurement will determine whether you will wear a standard-width, narrow, or wide size. Charlotte Russe has a collection of heels designed specifically for wider feet.
  • Use a size conversion chart to determine your shoe size. If your measurements fall between two sizes, it's usually better to get the larger one. Although some shoes stretch with use, it's easier to make large heels slightly smaller by adding inserts than it is to hope they stretch enough for comfort.
How do you care for women's heels from Charlotte Russe?

Maintain your Charlotte Russe heels by cleaning them regularly and storing them appropriately.

  • Faux leather: Many of the shoes from Charlotte Russe are made from faux leather. To clean your faux-leather shoes, you can follow these steps:
    1. Make a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap.
    2. Use a soft cloth dipped in the soapy water to gently rub away stains on your Charlotte Russe heels.
    3. Air dry your shoes in an upright position.
    4. Polish your Charlotte Russe shoes with a dry cloth if necessary.
  • Faux suede: You can clean these shoes and boots in a similar fashion as the faux-leather shoes. You can also clean faux-suede heels quickly with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. After you clean these Charlotte Russe shoes, brush them with a shoe brush in the direction of the nap. If you don't have a toothbrush, brush your heels with a clean, dry toothbrush.
  • Canvas: Canvas Charlotte Russe shoes can be spot cleaned. Spot clean your canvas shoes with soapy water, and blot to dry.
  • Satin: Use cold water on a damp cloth to remove stains from your Charlotte Russe satin heels. Do not rub the material, which can cause the color to run. Instead, blot carefully, and air dry thoroughly.
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