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Char-Griller BBQs, Grills, and Smokers

Char-Griller maintains a line of BBQs, grills, and smokers for outdoor cooking, grilling, and smoking. The line includes a series of models, ranging from basic grills to pro model BBQs and smokers. They also use varied fuel sources such as gas, charcoal, and wood.

What are the features of a Char-Griller BBQ?

A Char-Griller BBQ provides a method for cooking at a slow rate and low temperature with the lid down. The heat source provides indirect heat through the hot air within the unit. Generally, the interior of the grill space will accommodate a rotisserie to cook roasts, chickens, or any other larger meat cut. The hot air is the key for this method.

What are the features of a Char-Griller grill?

A Char-Griller grill provides direct heat to the item that is cooking. With this type of cooking, the lid will remain up and the temperature of the heat will be high. Cuts of meat, such as steak or chicken breast, lend themselves to grilling. Many Char-Griller products can serve as both a grill and a BBQ. The Super Pro 2121 Charcoal Grille has a black, powder-coated finish and built-in extras, like a bottom storage rack and utensil hooks.

What is a Char-Griller smoker?

A Char-Griller smoker cooks food in a smoke-filled environment at low temperatures for several hours or days. The key is to maintain the smoke temperature, usually less than 200 degrees throughout the cooking period. The taste of the meat coming from the smoker can vary depending on the type of wood used to create the smoke.

How does a hot smoker work?

The hot smoker utilizes an indirect low temperature and is a slow method of preparing food. The food is thoroughly cooked but does not dry out as it might with a higher heat. This smoker can be used for meat, cheese, fish or any other type of food where a smoky flavor is desired. Though the wood provides the smoke, the smoker can be fueled by charcoal, gas, or electricity.

What is the Smokin Pro?

This smoker has a side fire box with a sliding drawer to facilitate indirect smoking. This method is utilized in smoking Texas-style barbecue. It has grates that are cast iron, a heat gauge, and a double bottom. This smoker's design also provides a way to add charcoal throughout the smoking process without having to remove the grates.